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01/08/2014, 5:11 pm
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It’s been a minute since I’ve sent one of my email blast recaps. Can’t tell you how much it touches me when someone tells me they dig the voice in these letters. It’s all from the heart, all this work, which is evolving and I’m working to articulate. We are in transitional times with digital rebels [both behind the screen and AFK: away from keyboard] everywhere redefining the idea of “work” and asserting their voices to rebalance the whole shit. But I finally gave it a try to try to describe what I’m doing and the aim:

Creating Platforms, Bridges & Translations: Worldwild Digital Era Global Pop Culture & Arts.

So, then: What is this newsletter about & why is it so damn long?
It’s a remix. A recap of the work I’m doing on the artist development side but also – to borrow from Jason Hirschorn – I am DJing the internet but from my urban/mutant/transnational/digital/global/poderosa/kid-of-immigrant view as a Loca [with a capital L, feel me?] in the biz of culture. You can just peep my work, scroll thru casually or you can dig deeper into the links I provide and music I’m feeling – UP TO YOU!

Oh yeah, Remezcla asked some folks on the scene like Bodega Bamz and Bocafloja about their “Best of 2013” — peep my picks by clicking on my mouth!


[Los Rakas] | @LosRakas on Twitter
The guys celebrated their 7th Anniversary in November [fotos by Raka Pitufo]…I had a chance to witness the sold out show in Oakland with my own eyes. 65% women, diverse on all sides [generational, ethnic], and most important? The show was lit and the guys did an amazing job with 3 different DJs. A Raka is a rebel. December was major for Raka Rich & Raka Dun, returning home to Panama after 12 years to a warm welcome with great coverage in major nationwide papers like El Siglo and TV interviews like national Panamanian TV show, La Cascara. The guys also played the “I Love Hip Hop” festival in Mexico City [fotos by Raka Pitufo] and hosted a Meet & Greet in the city. Check out a playlist they made for Mexican indie music blog, After rocking with Mos Def this past weekend and preparing for a big New Year’s Eve show with reggae artist J Boog, the guys will unleash music in a major way this Spring and tour nationally as well [tour dates here].


Zuzuka Poderosa | @ZuzukaPoderosa on Twitter
This post – #Psicodelia Europe: The Party Catch A Fire in the Ghetto! – recaps Zuzuka & Nego Mozambique’s Scandinavian & Spain November tour. The duo has lots of music up their sleeve for 2014. Their past collabs resulted in some of my favorite songs from Zuzuka – ‘Psicodelia’ {Nego Mozambique Remix} and Celular– which was featured in the CBS show ‘Elementary’ earlier this month. Zuzuka was also featured on Brazilian national TV last month alongside huge Brazilian Popstar, Gaby Amarantos for the show Gaby Gringa’ and also spoke about being a Brazilian out in the diaspora for O Globo’s ‘Planeta Brasil. Check out Zuzuka’s Soundcloud for her 2013 singles [like another fav and global feminista anthem, “Goodah” featuring Gnucci Banana & Jasmine Solano] and her Carioca Bass EP with Kush

[La Mecanica Popular] | @LaMecanicaSalsa on Twitter
Connecting the roots, rhythms & future possibilities of tropical music, psychedelic salsa group La Mecanica Popular released their full length, self-titled debut last month on Brooklyn label, Names You Can Trust. Cop the GORGEOUS vinyl or get it on iTunes. The Washington Post called it “an enchanting album,” plus it’s made some great end-of-year lists (like Remezcla‘s) and the group performed on KEXP for a live session earlier this month [hear it here]. They have fans like Juanes, Bobbito Garcia, Gilles Peterson and Quantic.  If you’re in NYC, don’t miss the band live during APAP on January 11th at Drom for the Electric Cowbell & Barbes Showcase.



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Especial de Wu-Tang [listen]
Oye Mi Canto – Sol Galeano [listen]
Still – Rocky Rivera [listen]
Songs In The Key of Chos – Norvis Jr [listen]
Se Que Me Olvidaste (Alt Version) – La Mecanica Popular [listen]
Thank You Very Much – Rapsody [listen] [whole mixtape is fire]
The Warm Up ft. Fashawn – Blitz the Ambassador [listen]
I Want You – The Rising Sun Allstars [listen]
South of Nowhere – Spanish Gold [listen]
Ritmo Uni – Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader [listen]
Givin’ Em What They Love ft Prince – Janelle Monae [listen]
Hot – Los Rakas [listen]
Lovely Day – Vic Mensa [listen]
Get On The Floor – Rebel Diaz [listen]
The World Is Softly Lulls – Hiatus Kayote [listen]
Beats & Thangs – Benamin [listen]
El Jugo – Maku Soundsystem [listen]
Somos Mujeres Somos Hip-Hop [listen]
Celia – iZem [listen]
Chico Sonido – Nalga Bass [listen]
Munchi & Isa GT – Isa Te Dijo [listen]
Mima y DJ Nature – La Vieja Voladora [listen]


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RAMYA RAMANA: A constellated skyscraper moving gracefully to jazz beat, finding the Gil Scott-Heron in all her footwork, gripping the streetlights like an eclipse of hymnals, this is home. The lost voices, the heart’s devotion to beat and pulse, slow-dancing colonels, home to hustle, home to work hard, dream harder, home to move in silence, let success shatter the glass of hostage echoes New York City—not lights, not Broadway, not Times Square. It is single mother donating her last meal’s worth of money to church. It is the faith in that heart that makes a dead dream worth resurrecting. It is coffee-colored children playing hopscotch on what is left of a sidewalk. It is chalk-outlined, colonized map on a street as dark as the bones of the dead. This we call holy. This we call tough skin, thick-boned. This is New York.

We will no longer stay silent to this classism. No more brownstones and brown skin playing tug-of-war with a pregnant air hovering over them like an aura of lost children. No more colored boy robbed of their innocence. This city always will be the foundation of this country. We are root. We are backbone. We brown, we black, we yellow, we white, we young, we collage of creatures stomping to be reminded of the mammal inside of us. We chance, we deserve, us opportunity, us new mayor, us new beginning, like dancing cocoons, us hope, us fight, us happen, us love, us some good human, us happy, we happy, we happy with change. It is a constant baptism to remind us of our holy. We welcome, we family, we congratulate Mayor Bill de Blasio. We are so very honored and pleased to have you. And the congregation says:

CROWD: Amen!