“Sexo, sexo…a quien no le gusta eso?!”
10/16/2013, 12:37 pm
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THIS FRIDAY is Salsa y Sexo Vol. 1 in New York City:

Salsa y Sexo is a party that wants to go beyond the stereotype that Salsa dancing is a difficult & exclusive acrobatic practice, while keeping the idea of Afro-based rhythms as a primal, beautiful drive: sexual & spiritual. And that it’s for everyone…no matter what you can do or where you come from…you just feel it! Salsa y Sexo brings back the groove of Afrocaribbean music with the freedom of DJ Culture of the XXI century…#ThirdWaveSalsa #NYCSalsa

It’s at Nublu on Ave C and starts at 9 PM with DJ Buscabulla [Salsa Gorda, Merengue Viejo], DJ Conan [Chicha, Cumbia] {Oliver from Chicha Libre} and one of my favs, DJ Cristo  [Salsa y Cumbia Dura] {Escarioka Crew, resident DJ at Mehanata & Bembe} – and La Mecanica Popular [#PsychedelicSalsa] will do 2 live sets!  GONNA BE HOT.

9 PM – 4:30 AM…let’s get it in this Friday night, mi gente!   CLICK HERE for details.