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09/18/2013, 8:19 pm
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I wanted to send over a quick update on all the good stuff going on in these crazy times – keep scrolling after my news for my #LaRazaCosmica playlist and reading list, too!

Well firstly, I’ve been co-hosting The Bobbito Garcia Radio Show”  on Mondays from 2 – 4PM on East Village Radio the last couple of weeks, which you can tune into #WORLDWILD at  Tio Bob invited acclaimed journalist/author [and my #Shero], Raquel Cepeda on the show on September 9th – make sure you pick up her book “Bird of Paradise.”

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 10.27.56 PMSeptember 9, 2013 with Nati, Bobbito and Raquel Cepeda!

As I said on Instagram after reading Raquel’s book: “1 story of #LaRazaCosmica thru a Hip-Hop generation lens. We must drop the baggage of self-hate which I do understand was a mechanism for survival of the last generation – so that we can soar & fight White Supremacy primarily [which would begin to breakdown a lot of other things needed for us to govern civilly and lead to preserving our most high, La Madre Tierra] for a new way, TOGETHER. “…guiding me from one place to another with purpose.” #Conrazón #SheroSaturdays #SupportSisters” – get your hands on her book!

This past Monday, September 16, I helped Bob interview Psychedelic Salsa band, ‘La Mecanica Popular.’  We talked about the group’s new video shot in Williamsburg’s last Latin social club, the body/mind divide and SEXO Y SALSA. Si Si!

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 10.29.09 PMSeptember 16, 2013 with Bobbito, La Mecanica Popular’s Maelo, Efrain, Yvonne and Nati

Access 9/9 and 9/16 shows [all the archives are great!] HERE.

Oh, and Bob was featured in the NY Times a couple of weeks ago.  Read the piece by David Gonzalez. “No out of bounds can describe his life.” #InspirationArchives

I wrapped up my second season at SummerStage this week. I have been reflecting so hard on what a dope [though challenging] season it was and how deep it was to be a part of the #ThisIsHipHop series, which was topped off by the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Hip-Hop on August 10th with Kool Herc and friends. Check out this review of the event by WFMU’s Billy Jam who got mad thorough with it. I’ll never forget it and it was an honor working with so many OG’s including Summerstage’s Artistic Director Erika Elliott and First Lady of Hip-Hop Cindy Campbell. My women, my women! Y’all are gonna LOVE next year’s theme…

I just started working with NYC-based Psychedelic Salsa band [yes, you read that right!] – La Mecanica Popular.  They debuted their first music videoLa Paz Del Freak” on Remezcla – a single off their debut self-titled coming out in November on Brooklyn vinyl label, Names You Can Trust.  You’re not going to want to miss their next live show at Lit Lounge on September 21 [watch footage from their last show, courtesy of Sounds & Colours Magazine] – vaya! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. #PsychedelicSalsa #ThirdWaveSalsa #NYCSalsa

One of my favorite artists of our generation – Blitz the Ambassador – just dropped a free EP, The Warm Up [with features from Nneka, Emicida, Fashawn and more].  I’ve been listening to it non-stop – it’s really an ambitious project for something released for FREE. Support and share this ART! I agree with his tweet: “No gatekeepers…just Dope International Artists and content curated by the people.” Blitz is rocking New York City on September 19th [TOMORROW] with Dutty Artz’s Chief Boima and Old Money – don’t miss that and check out amazing video for Dikembe – shot in Morocco. #ThinkGlobal #Worldwild #AfropolitanDreams

Blitz2013WebsterHallSeptI’m mostly feeling completely refreshed after Zuzuka Poderosa played queer-friendly fashion-line Marimacho‘s New York Fashion Week debut in Williamsburg [check a review of the line].  She shared the bill with the warrior woman, Wavy Spice. I met Wavy at Remezcla’s The Spot in 2011, when I put her on my guest list. She saw Zuzuka perform live that night for the first time and on Saturday night told us both how much seeing that performance inspired her to finally take up the mic after writing poetry.  These are the moments I do this work for!  Zuzuka’s gearing up to announce a European tour in November and working on new music and a video for the song ‘Psicodelia‘ – a dance song in a world of war. #Powher #CariocaBass #PussyPower

ZuzukaMarimacho2013Zuzuka rocks Marimacho’s NYFW debut on September 7, 2013 | Full Photo Set HERE
Los Rakas have had a busy and exciting summer, touring Latin America, playing Central Park SummerStage [Photos here by Green Label], and preparing for their next chapter.  Get their new songs Desorden [Major Lazer remix] and Camaleon – and stay tuned to much more coming. They were just announced on the official soundtrack for EA Sports FIFA 14 as well! #SoyRaka #RakaNation #ARakaIsARebel

LosRakasPanamaDiaADia2013Los Rakas in Panamanian paper Dia A Dia on September 17, 2013
#LaRazaCosmica Reading List
Suicides Highlight The Plight of Hispanic Teens [Al Jazeera America] –
Cover Story: Janelle Monae [Pitchfork] –
Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts: St George, Staten Island [Urban Omnibus] –
Life on Earth “Began In Mars” [The Guardian] –
Solidarity Is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of Her VMA Performance [Jezebel] –
Fact/Fiction: A Conversation With Albert “Prodigy” Johnson, Queens Author & Rapper [Open City] –
The Humanity of Private Manning [Freethought] |
What Men Want, America Delivers [Salon] |
Cornel West: Market-Driven Culture Destroys Virtue [Raw Story] |
Saturn Returns Is Second Puberty [Brooklyn The Borough] |
Is Bossa Nova Civic Club Poised To Become The Max Fish Of The Global Dance Music Scene [Remezcla] |
Turn Up, Turn Off and Get Into The Groove: On EDM, Dancing’s Disappearance & Hope For It’s Return [Do Androids Dance] |
Sexting, Shame & Suicide [Rolling Stone] |
Toñita’s: The Brooklyn Club That Keeps Puerto Rico Kicking in Williamsburg [Creative Time] |
The Abortion Freedom Riders [Vice] |
Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy [wait but why] |
#LaRazaCosmica Play List
Boogat ft. Lido Pimienta – Unico |
Dengue Dengue Dengue |
Irene Diaz – My Sweetest Sin |
One Day As a Lion – Wild International |
Rebel Diaz – I’m An Alien |
Marty McSorely WFMU Radio Show |
Gogol Bordello – Pura Vida Conspiracy |
Soundboy Cartagena |
Systema Solar – La Rana |
Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady |
Valerie June – Working Woman Blues |
[photo by John Demato]



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