“Expect Freedom of Expression & Spontaneous Combustion”
04/15/2013, 3:11 pm
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Just sharing some great Zuzuka Poderosa (Poderosa means POWER!) happenings.  By the way, the quote on the title of this post was taken from this interview Zuzuka did with Ignite the Sound – I love it.

“Carioca Bass” EP is out now (singles: ‘Seda’ & ‘Psicodelia’ + 6 remixes) | STREAM IT:
“Seda” Music Video Out Now |
**BRAND NEW** Vato Gonzalez & DJ Punish “Favela Riddim” (ft. Zuzuka Poderosa) | (Happy to send you the MP3 – just ask)
**BRAND NEW** VIDEO || Sweden’s Gnučči – Goodah (Remix video) featuring Lady Chann, Zuzuka Poderosa, Jasmine Solano, Nadia Nair

Last month, Zuzuka was on Telemundo 47’s ‘El Show de Jackie‘ speaking in Spanish about her Carioca Bass.  Later that night, on Brazilian National Television (via Canal O Globo), a profile aired on Zuzuka for Beco Dranoff’s ‘Beyond Ipanema‘ series.  Check out the trailer – hope to share the piece soon.

575920_523475461024491_1714750707_nZuzuka on-air with Telemundo’s “El Show de Jackie”

The Atlantic: It’s Beach O’Clock Somewhere: Songs of the Southern-Hemisphere Summer
Zuzuka’s #1 on the list! (plus lots of other new #worldwild acts I had not heard of, sans Bajofondo):

We begin with something of a cheat, as “Seda” was recorded in New York, produced in San Francisco, and remixed in Miami. But though she now lives in Brooklyn, performer Zuzuka Poderosa was born in Rio de Janeiro, of mixed Brazilian and Indonesian heritage. She calls her rhythm-heavy dance music “carioca bass,” and it bears the distinctive sound of Rio’s humanity-packed, beat-pulsing clubs and streets.

This kind of world music meets raucous electro fusion is something you don’t see everyday, and stands out as unique in a sea of cookie-cutter big room house tracks.” – Your EDM

When you add Zuzuka’s sultry vocals and powerful desire to create “interracial music babies” into the equation, it’s pop gone crazy, a freewheeling, next-generation party.” – Brooklyn Bodega

Zuzuka Poderosa’s bio is a lot like the story of global bass music itself. The Brazil-born, Brooklyn-based bass vocalist is inspired by baile funk but her music has taken on the flavors of everywhere she has been and everything she has heard. Now she spreads her ass-shaking hybrid inspirations around the world.” – MTV IGGY

LOS ANGELES | Thursday, April 18th @ La Cita (INFO)
CHICAGO | Saturday, April 20th @ Beauty Bar (INFO)
NEW YORK | Saturday, June 1st @ Glasslands (INFO)
NOW BOOKING: EUROPE for mid-Oct/November.  Hit me up!

8706727.87Zuzuka live on stage with Locos Por Juana & Bomba Estereo at the TransAtlantic Fest in Miami last week!


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Africa Is Not a Country, MOJA & Making love to the Monitors: Baloji
04/01/2013, 9:56 am
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By now, we all should know, being African doesn’t explain who you are, what you have to wear, where you have to stand…they try to but us in a box, and they call this fucking ‘WORLD MUSIC’, ‘Ethnical music’…this is not gonna cover up my fucking scars, this is not going to cover up who the fuck I am – so this is not WORLD MUSIC, this is OUR MUSIC!”Baloji

I love Baloji – a Renaissance Global Pop Star (aka Super Black Man!) in the making who is  Belgium-based with deep, complicated roots with his home country of the Congo.  I had the honor of collaborating with Blitz the Ambassador in 2011 to help make Baloji’s USA debut at Joe’s Pub, where he brought us his ‘Blues of the Jungle‘.  Make sure you check out his videos – which are cinematic and beautiful as fuck.

He rocked Summerstage (watch this backstage interview with Afropop) later in the summer in 2011, and since has been touring globally, landing a slot on the collaborative boundary-smashing Africa Express tour (featuring Damon Albarn, Baaba Maal and others).

As Baloji’s star continues to shine bright as the Pan-African sun – emanating vision, quality, freedom and true self-expression- he’s also been bringing his sharp look all over, posing for huge Fashion labels and magazines over the years.

310311_10151468469894641_869955285_nBaloji in Gentlemen’s Quarterly : Jocks & Nerds Magazine

Just caught this awesome live set on Boiler Room which reminded me of just how big and classy an artist he is for the world.  I love that he hasn’t stopped spreading his light and love.  I also admire his bold words for the movement he sees himself a part of.  MOJA!  One!  World Music is OUR MUSIC!  All of ours.

Watch the whole amazing performance here (via OkayAfrica).