Video: Los Rakas Rakiando en Nueva Yol
12/30/2012, 4:41 pm
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An inside look at Los Rakas from their summer tour stop in New York City at LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference), headlining the legendary SOB’s and more. Raka Dun and Raka Rich talk about their beginnings, the growing, independent #SoyRaka movement and we even watch the guys record an unreleased banger with frequent collaborator, Chief Boima (Dutty Artz) in a Brooklyn basement.

Directed by Jonathan Argudo + Lucy Morales
Producer – Lucy Morales
Camera/Edit – Jonathan Argudo

Click below to read the Raka Holiday roundup which went out before Christmas!


They Ask You For A Career In Life; They Never Ask You What Kind Of World You’d Like!
12/18/2012, 10:58 am
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OUTERNATIONAL Release Second Video “Empty Lives” Off Of “Future Rock” EP; End Of Year Show At Bowery Electric 12/27!

“They’re wearing their heart on their sleeves. There’s no questioning what their point is or what their mission is.” – NPR

“Mixing politics and punk once made bands like The Clash and Rage Against The Machine stand out, now the New York group, Outernational, have taken up the challenge.” – WNYC

“Outernational is on a mission ‘with horizon eyes’ and a fierce bass line – the one from Metallica’s ‘Seek & Destroy’ played backwards. The fast pace of the video won’t disappoint you if you have already listened to the fast-tempo song, and the band is definitively a non-stop hard-rocking machine in search of new ways to shake people’s consciousness.” – Rock NYC Live & Recorded


Filmed During The Band’s Guerilla 2012 Tours Of The US-Mexico Borderlands, “Empty Lives” Follows “Future Rock”‘s Controversial And Graphic First Video, “Sir No Sir” – Both Produced by RAW Design

The Beginning Is Here  | Todos Somos Ilegales  | Empty Lives

An approaching whistle in the distance.  A train enters the station.  We see the tombstones. A man emphatically eulogizes the countless dead.  Out of the blue, a blistering wall of riffage dialed in to “11” smashes forth from nowheresville, taking us out of the town cemetery. The preacher is in. So begins Outernational’s phantasmagorical new video for “Empty Lives” off of “Future Rock.”

Click above to hear “Future Rock

The ‘mainstreaming’ of pornography as a key pillar in an overall degrading culture that brings everyone down…the quasi-religious belief of so many as they worship at “altar” of American democracy…the proliferation of the deadly and absurd notion that oppressed people need to become like Tony Montana while the big gangsters are playing them like little pawns…

Against-the-grain yet fully optimistic, forward-looking and “on a mission with horizon eyes,” in this third installment of what has become a desert music video trilogy – “The Beginning Is Here” marking the first and “Todos Somos Ilegales” ft Residente Calle 13 marking the second – Outernational solidifies its reputation as this generation’s revolutionary band.

In “Empty Lives” – the band’s singer, Miles Solay minces no words. He opens the song, declaring: “They ask you for a career in life / they never ask you what kind of world you’d like,” then lays bare the decadence and putrid nature of American society, yet and still, through the course of the song we get the sense that this is a band that isn’t planning on going at it alone. They see the possibility and potential for many people to break away from the grip of a stifling and oppressive society.

Which brings us back to our preacher who, by the end of the video seems to have reached the breaking point…breaking free and breaking through, letting go of his previously held “faith”. The preacher is out. Trippy and fast-paced, the “Empty Lives” music video marks Outernational’s hardest hitting release to date.

The band – Miles Solay (lead vocals), Leo Mintek (guitars), Dr Blum (trumpet, keys), Jesse Williams Massa (bass) and Nate Hassan (drums) – is currently working on new material in their home of New York City.

Upcoming Shows:
NYC: Thur, Dec 27 @ The Bowery Electric | TICKETS
w/ Escarioka, Blayer Pontdujour + Rockers Galore + Harasssarah +

A ferocious wail of solidarity” (Los Angeles Times), Outernational’s 2012 “Todos Somos Ilegales” project saw the band featured in Rolling Stone, NPR, Democracy Now and even appearing on network TV: NY1, CNN Español and Univision.

2013 will bring the band’s highly anticipation “Welcome To The Revolution” full length collaboration with Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as International and North American touring.

Raka News: Pero Si Me Buscan, Hey Hey Hey!
12/04/2012, 4:46 pm
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Sons Of Anarchy season finale features Los Rakas music tonight!


Tune into the season finale of Sons of Anarchy on FX to hear “No Problema” from Los Rakas featured in tonight’s episode! A previous episode from this season featured the song “Paid” by San Quinn and Raka Dun, making this the second Raka song featured on the FX series!

Purchase “No Problema” on Bandcamp here!

Ozomatli & Los Rakas performing in SF this Friday!

This Friday, Los Rakas will be joining Ozomatli on stage at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA!

Get tickets for this Friday’s show with Ozomatli here!

New Single “Africana” from Los Rakas


Africana was released at the end of November, right around Thanksgiving, and is available as a free download! reviewed the song and wrote: “Non-Spanish speakers might miss some things in translation, but Rich and rhyme partner Raka Dun’s message on “Africana” is loud and clear […] No matter how you slice it, the poppy, reggae-tinged tune, produced by frequent Rakas collaborator Yeti Beats, sends a positive message to gals of darker complexion and African heritage”.

Download “Africana” for free here!

Raka Love #Bestof2012 piece in Zachary Jones


As the end of the year approaches, we can all look back and recall some of our favorite things of 2012. Zachary Jones compiled a list of his favorite albums of the year from across the world, primarily hispanic countries, that includes Los Rakas’ Valentine’s day release “Raka Love” (with “Magia” as his top choice). With a total list of 25 talented hispanic artists from around the globe, you should take some time to check them all out!

See the entire list albums here!

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Date Artist Venue Location Tickets
Dec 7 Los Rakas w/ Ozomatli The Fillmore San Francisco, CA Tickets
Jan 12 Los Rakas w/ A-1 Slim’s San Francisco, CA Tickets

View All Upcoming Tour Dates on

Where’s Her Cape: Zuzuka Poderosa in Europe!
12/04/2012, 4:30 pm
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Zuzuka has been bringing her own post-modern brand of baile funk – which she calls ‘Carioca Bass‘ – to the world’s stages.  Born and raised in Brazil, the half-Indonesian human baile funk boombox scorches ears from homebase in Brooklyn.

“There are artists who you have to listen to a few times to decide whether or not you like them. Then there’s Brazilian-Indonesian New Yorker Zuzuka Poderosa, who just hits you over the head with a bumping beat and drags you back into her funky world” – NPR



Line-up: The Very Best (UK), Schlachthofbronx (D), Zuzuka Poderosa & Jen Lasher (USA), DJs Boyfriend (LIT) & Disgraceland (UK), Nadastrom & Sabo (USA)

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 7.26.20 PM
Zuzuka rocks Moombahton Massive this past Saturday!
Line-up: Murlo, Multifunkshun, Captain Bubbles, Moroka, Arcade, ISA GT
LONDON: FRI, DEC 7th | Freedom From Tourture Benefit: Tropical Warehouse Party
Line-up: FRIKSTAILERS (ZZK Records) & Batida (Soundway)

SINGLE: PSICODELIA (Nego Mozambique Remix) – Out December 11
EP: CARIOCA BASS (Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Arora) – Out January 29

CARIOCA BASS EP, out on Little Owl Recordings will feature two original tracks, “Psicodelia” & “Seda” and 6 remixes from: Nego Mozambique, Jubilee & Burt Fox, Sonora, Chrissy Murderbot, HxdB, CEE!!!

VIDEO: DJ Rekha & Dave Sharma “Pyar Baile” f/ Zuzuka Poderosa & Meetu Chilana

via OKAYPLAYER: “We don’t like to call something a “world premiere” here in the OkayEmpire unless it touches at least three continents. In the case of our homegirl DJ Rekha‘s “Pyar Baile”–produced in conjunction with longtime collaborator and SubSwara co-founder Dave Sharma–the key pins on the world-map are Brooklyn, Rio and Mumbai. The hard-ass favela rap stylings come courtesy of BK/Brazil MC Zuzuka Poderosa (while you’re up, check her Carioca Bass mixtape) and the Bollywood flashback vocal is provided by the lovely Meetu Chilana. And now that we got our continents and our credits straight, Okayplayer is extremely proud to present the WORLD premiere of the “Pyar Baile” official video.

Click to hear Carioca Bass Mixtape!