#FUTUREROOTS | A Tribe Called Red + DJ Javier Estrada Make NYC Debut!
05/30/2012, 12:23 am
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I’m so excited about May’s installment of #FUTUREROOTS. On Thursday, SOB’s will welcome A Tribe Called Red + DJ Javier Estrada – a NYC debut for both (also joining the two is Philly-based DJ Dirty South).   A reminder about the series:
#FUTUREROOTS celebrates a New World of sounds we know, rhythms being taken to dizzying new heights and varieties by a generation of DJs and musicians who have had the world at their fingertips (AKA the internet).  This “re-discovery” where musicians from Latin America to DJs in the United States and Europe explore their own roots, collaborate with others halfway across the planet, and blend the sounds they know so well like Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electronic and Club music of every variety; this is a series for that New World sound as it continues to grow. Past artists: Pernett, Que Bajo!?, Los Rakas, Dre Skull, Flama, Nomadic Massive, Zuzuka Poderosa, Adeline, House of Waters, Blitz the Ambassador, Munchi,  Andrea Balency, Monsieur Periné, Il Abanico, Solo Dame Indie Pop!
This is a line-up that I’ve always envisioned #FUTUREROOTS would be about:  supporting amazing artists who collaborate frequently thru the internetz – Remezcla just premiered Part I of a Video Trilogy between them called “Sopranos Azteca” – to explore, re-define, and re-distribute the rhythms and traditions of where they are from, FOR THE WORLD.

and SOB’s presents:

DJ Dirty South Joe (Mad Decent) on the 1s & 2s




A TRIBE CALLED RED (Ottawa, Canada)
In 2008, DJ’s NDN and Bear Witness founded A Tribe Called Red adding two-time Canadian DMC champ, DJ Shub to the crew in 2010. ATCR creates an never before heard sound made up of a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, Electronic, and their own mash-up of club and Pow Wow music, known as Pow Wow Step that is quickly gaining respect from all kinds of communities from all around the world. Electric Pow Wow is a monthly club night dedicated to showcasing Aboriginal DJ talent and Native urban culture and is aimed at creating a space for Aboriginal people. You can catch Electric Pow Wow every month on the second Saturday at Babylon nightclub in Ottawa, Canada.
!!!Their new album, Electric Powwowis available for FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

DJ JAVIER ESTRADA (Monterrey, Mexico)
Mexico’s most exciting new producer, Javier Estrada delivers everything from tribal to moombahton to pre-hispanic dubstep in a unique, fun-loving, high-energy and ever-tropical manner.   Javier’s prolific production portfolio is a tour-de-force through the best that Latin America has to offer in this new burgeoning tropicalized electronica scene and a show of all the possibilities that exist within the ever-expanding world of tropical bass.


DIRTY SOUTH JOE (Philadelphia, PA)
Philly DJ/Producer Dirty South Joe’s been grinding for years. He spun his first show at Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club (between sets by U.K. shoegaze bands Ride and Lush) in 1990, and has balled in Philly for about 10 years. He played some of the legendary Hollertronix parties at the Ukie back in the day, is currently a Mad Decent Mondays regular and is opening for Diplo at Union Transfer this Thursday. He runs his label, Cool Records and just released “Luvstep,” his collaborative project with Philly’s Flufftronix which is out now!

Screen shot 2012-04-20 at 3.51.14 AM
Listen to #INDIGENOUSPOWER now – click on a feather!
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A Raka Fan Said: Ser Raka Es Ser Libre
05/21/2012, 10:08 pm
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“Ser raka es la búsqueda como cualquier otra vanguardia, de un acontecer, hacia algo nuevo, hacia la evolución, pero particularmente a través de un estilo.  Básicamente hablamos de un Raka, cuando hablamos de ese estilo atrevido, prendido y fresco. Consiste para nosotros, en la búsqueda de todo Raka, la absorción de todo tipo de cultura existente, sin hacer prejuicio de ninguna de ellas, buscando como resultado, la mezcla de varias de ellas dejando la particular huella del estilo Raka, obteniendo como resultado una nueva variante.  También pretendemos como Rakas, la constante búsqueda de la evolución, y no el estancamiento en un sólo género, o en un nuevo solo descubrimiento. En ello no consiste el estilo Raka. Tampoco un Raka, tiene como búsqueda la violencia, tan solo puede resultar como absorción de otras culturas provenientes de la violencia, una nueva resultante, con el estilo Raka, que tiene como intención contar lo que ocurre en nuestros pueblos. Ya que otra de las misiones Rakas consiste en traere a ti, mi oyente, el sentimiento y la cultura de nuestros pueblos.  Como último, un Raka solo responde por su propio estilo, y nunca por una política. La política, como mencionamos, es ajena a un Raka. Un Raka no pertenece a un partido político, aunque pueda estar de acuerdo con las medidas y disposiciónes, o algunas actitudes de estilo Raka de algún partido político de turno.  El estilo de un Raka es ser Libre.  Yo si soy Raka!”
Boris Sobieraj (A Los Rakas Fan) | November 2011


Outernational In Chicago: “Music has no borders”
05/19/2012, 9:47 am
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“The purpose of the tour is to promote this album, travel to these places, and meet these people, speak with them, learn from them, let them know that, ‘Yeah, we’re a band in New York, but we see you, we’re watching, we see what’s happening,’” Leo Mintek said. “On the new record, we went deep into different types of Latin music, so you’ll hear cumbia, corridos, bachata. We really believe music has no borders.” – Rock On A Mission

OUTERNATIONAL is in Chicago this weekend (SEE FULL SCHEDULE), after headlining The Abbey Pub (3420 West Grace St.) last night and playing a series of tributes (Woody Guthrie with Tom Morello tonight @ Metro) and Anti-Nato Summit protests (World Can’t Wait, Iraq Veterans Against The War, Malcom X Freedom Festival).

The group, on the tail-end leg of their 2-Month ‘Todos Somos Ilegales: We Are Illegals‘ tour, which started in Brownsville, TX on April 4th and has weaved through the Border regions across the Southwest down to Tijuana with Ceci Bastida thru to California and back through Texas to open a series a shows with Calle 13, ends in New York City next week (Tour Finale is May 24th @ Dominion).

“The sound is a brilliant, aggressive, bottom-heavy hybrid that brings to mind bits of rock, rap and rock en español.” The Chicago Tribune

Live In-Studio Radio Interview on WBEZ/Vocalo:
Profile in the Chicago Sun-Times:
Profile in Spanish-language paper Hoy:

photo‘Todos Somos Ilegales Tour’ from April 4 – May 18th
(Tour Diary #1 + Tour Diary #2)

Outernational is a singular up-and-coming band with a passionate undeniable live show, deep conceptual path-breaking albums and a message and sound unlike anything else right now.

Their project ‘TODOS SOMOS ILEGALES: WE ARE ALL ILLEGALS‘ is a bi-lingual cinema-in-sound concept album about the border, the USA and the system which criminalizes those who create the wealth it rests upon.  With tightly-woven soundscapes referencing hard rock, hip hop, cumbia, corridos, gypsy punk, spaghetti westerns, chicha, vintage soul and even bachata, Outernational’s ‘TODOS SOMOS ILEGALES: WE ARE ALL ILLEGALS‘ is a singular album for 2012.

Released as a name-your-price download, the record features collaborations with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Calle 13 (9-Time Latin Grammy Winner in 2011), Ceci Bastida (Tijuana No!) and Uproot Andy (Que Bajo?!)