Zuzuka Power: “It’s time to learn Portuspanglish!”
04/20/2012, 6:55 pm
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“Brooklyn party monster Zuzuka Poderosa recently released her Carioca Bass mixtape – a thick, 40-minute bootylicious ride put together by Kush Arora. Rooted in bass-heavy baile funk, the tape bangs through global ghetto sounds, from bhangra to soca crunk. Plus, there are bunda-shaking appearances from Los Rakas, Spoek Mathambo, Sany Pitbull and many more. Carioca Bass is definitely what Poderosa calls an “interracial music baby.” What does that mean? That it’s time to learn Portuspanglish. Rumor has it there’s more to come on Poderosa’s Carioca Bass EP, which is expected sometime this spring.”

Get the Carioca Bass Mixtape: Zuzuka Poderosa-Carioca Bass Mixtape by Kush Arora by Zuzuka Poderosa

“I believe in body language. I think people should shake more asses in the world.  I think the world would be a better place” – Zuzuka Poderosa in Knocksteady

South America/Brazil tourdates announced soon!


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