UPDATE: In The Jungle I Reside, It Will Still Be You & I
04/28/2012, 8:48 pm
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¡¡¡lots going on, will keep it brief!!!

Los Rakas prepare summer’s ‘Raka Party‘; ‘Enamorado De Ti‘ (off ‘Raka Love‘) new video on Univision!

Zuzuka Poderosa new videoPyar Baile‘. South American tour with DJ Rekha. Carioca Bass Mixtape on RCRDLBL!

Outernational halfway ‘Todos Somos Ilegales: We Are All Illegals‘ – tour diary, make Mexico debut, charging to May 1st in LA.  Great piece in Alternet – a convo about the tour bw @Jawnita and @MilesSolay!

Hello from SoCal leg of ‘Todos Somos Ilegales: We Are All Illegals‘!

#FUTUREROOTS presents ‘A Tribe Called Red‘ + DJ Javier Estrada @ SOB’s on Thurs, May 31! TIX.

Summerstage 2012 has been announced!

There’s SOOOOOO much amazing music being made right now by this generation.  I find it hilarious (read: tragic) that there’s such a disparity at the top level of music distribution/support of more diverse points of views, style of music, diversity in sexual orientation, gender…just the SPACE for that.  Or maybe it’s swelling so that there WILL HAVE TO BE.  Who know… Anyhow, I was having a conversation with a friend and the subject of ‘true music‘ came up.  I like that idea.  When you know it’s good…it’s true…you can feel it.  We’ll see how this goes, but I thought I’d give it a try.  Here I present, #TRUEMUSIC Vol. 1.  Just a lil fun thing I’m doing to share all these sounds!!!!!



mango-picked by conrazón

Sene Brooklyknight (WATCH):
“the hood don’t change, the books all burn…the jungle.”
Click and watch Sene’s “Brooklyknight” (Short)

Ana Tijoux
Sacar la Voz (WATCH VIDEO)
“Tomar de las riendas | No rendirse al opresor | Caminar erguido, sin temor | Respirar y sacar la voz.”
(FYI Ana + Los Rakas LIVE in San Francisco on May 15 – Get Tix)

With Ana in 2010 @ SXSW. #LOVE

Outernational The Beginning Is Here (PAY YOUR OWN PRICE)
“The songs I sing, they can cast a spell | I don’t know no borders and I know them well”

Homeboy Sandman – 72 Bars for Chosenberg (STREAM THEN BUY)
“young, black and accurate”

Dizzy WrightSmoked Out Conversations (BUY)
‘(all these rappers) got a voice for no reason, what’s a song w/o a topic?’ 
PS – You know it’s real when you read a heart-felt review by your mother about your rap music on your iTunes page!

Emeli Sande – Rivers (Pre-Order ‘Our Version of Events‘) –

Zuzuka Power: “It’s time to learn Portuspanglish!”
04/20/2012, 6:55 pm
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“Brooklyn party monster Zuzuka Poderosa recently released her Carioca Bass mixtape – a thick, 40-minute bootylicious ride put together by Kush Arora. Rooted in bass-heavy baile funk, the tape bangs through global ghetto sounds, from bhangra to soca crunk. Plus, there are bunda-shaking appearances from Los Rakas, Spoek Mathambo, Sany Pitbull and many more. Carioca Bass is definitely what Poderosa calls an “interracial music baby.” What does that mean? That it’s time to learn Portuspanglish. Rumor has it there’s more to come on Poderosa’s Carioca Bass EP, which is expected sometime this spring.”

Get the Carioca Bass Mixtape: Zuzuka Poderosa-Carioca Bass Mixtape by Kush Arora by Zuzuka Poderosa

“I believe in body language. I think people should shake more asses in the world.  I think the world would be a better place” – Zuzuka Poderosa in Knocksteady

South America/Brazil tourdates announced soon!

No Tan Listo: Latest News & Viene el #RakaParty!
04/20/2012, 5:07 pm
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Coming off a super productive SXSW (watch video recap), Raka Rich & Raka Dun worked on their single ‘Desorden‘ produced by Diplo and The Flexican at an Austin recording studio in between their showcases. [YOU HEAR IT FIRST] The track will be the first single on their upcoming electronic/dance release ‘Raka Party‘ – out this summer on Soy Raka LLC.

Foto by Ivan Fernandez for LA Weekly

Couple weekends back the guys rocked the Paid Dues Fest alongside Wu Tang, Odd Future and DJ Quik, where the Examiner said after their performance: “Los Rakas music is the next evolution in Latin Hip Hop as they merge contemporary music with an age old struggle for relevance as Latinos and young people in general in North America. “We’re doing this for everyone…White, Black, Asian, Everyone”.”  Some video highlights floating around.

Los Rakas on set for their NY1 interview

While in New York City earlier in the month, Los Rakas shot a TV interview (en espanol) on NY1 with José Simián: “In this interview for Contraportada, the Panama-raised cousins talked about their musical origins, their endless work flow, and the capacity to move from Plena-infused future bass to romantic R&B.” – WATCH IT HERE

Los Rakas in Bed Stuy, BK

DC-based writer, Marcus Dowling wrote this piece in Brooklyn Bodega entitled, “On Los Rakas and the growing power of Latin heritage in the American mainstream” which is an interesting perspective on a very particular snapshot of cultural cohesion happening in this country.  On Los Rakas’ sound, Marcus says, “it’s a sound and style that exists and excels in a space that presupposes you’re already aware that Latin culture is a dominant American social force and are interested in seeing just how far that power extends in the new world order. Read the full piece HERE – and feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree!

Finally, I wanted to share with you a great piece that aired last week on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ about what it takes to be an independent artist in 2012.  Los Rakas were interviewed and had some very interesting things to say.  Click on the photo to hear the piece by Laura Sydell.

“It’s never been easy to make a living as a musician. But there was always a dream: to become a star on the strength of your talent and your music.”
– Raka Rich in ‘How To Succeed In The Music Business (By Trying Really, Really Hard)’

Latest Music:
Raka Dun –
‘No Tan Listo’ (DOWNLOAD)
Raka Rich – ‘
Copita de Champaña’ (DOWNLOAD)

Estos Manes Ni Aguantan: SXSW 2012
04/09/2012, 1:31 am
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PHEW.  I looked back on my SXSW 2010 and 2011 to prepare for SXSW 2012, but nothing could prepare me for the madness.

Looking back on the schedule I sent out to my industry list (laying it out below), I could not anticipate que locura the experience would be.  Unlike the last 3 experiences at SX, I probably got to catchup/hang with fewer people, but all in all – this year’s SXSW was super productive and accomodations-wise super comfty (considering my first year I crashed a couch in South Congress – this is progress!)

With a view of the river and a full schedule…shit got really real.  Much love to the crew who did hang tight: Maribel, Arlene, La Nono, Stefanie, Richard, Matt Sonzala, Javier, James, Eddie, Paul, Kelli Love, Kush, Olmeca, Rich Garza, Thomas, Joey Cap, Benamin, Kim, Clarence, Canyon, Ian Morales, Estella Sanchez and many more!  Can’t capture it as elegantly given the madness, but here’s a snapshot:

WED 03.14 @ Puma Social (1309 East 7th St)
WED 03.14 @  *Official Showcase @ Flamingo Cantina
THU 03.15 @ The Illmore (Presented by ILLROOTS & Scoremore)
THU 03.15 @ Peligrosa Showcase @ Chupacabra (400 E 6th Street)
FRI 03.16 @ Austin Vida & Peligrosa Day Party @ Jovita’s
SAT 03.17 @ Ineffable Music Showcase @ Venue 606
SAT 03.17 @ Art Culture Activism @ Diverse Arts (E. 11th Street)

WED 03.14 @  Mint Collective Day Party @ Malverde (400b W. 2nd St.)
WED 03.14 @ New Gyration Presents Pump! @ The Loft (718 Congress)
WED 03.14 @ Little Owl Recordings Showcase @ The Korg Stage
WED 03.14 @ Rusty Lazer & Chaos (“Uzi Bazooka”) @ Hotel Vegas
THU 03.15 @ Broken Teeth Day Party @ Plush (617 Red River)
THU 03.15 @ Peligrosa @ Chupacabra (“Uzi Bazooka”)
FRI 03.16 @ Austin Vida Day Party w/ Kush Arora @ Jovita’s
FRI 03.16 @  *Official Showcase @ Speakeasy Kabaret (412 Congress)
SAT 03.17 @  Art Culture Activism @ East 11th St Art Park
SAT 03.17 @ SATX w/ Ritmo Machine San Antonio @ Limelight

SUN 03.10 @ 35 Denton in Denton, TX (w Maku Soundsystem)
WED 03.14 @ *Official Showcase @ Flamingo Cantina
THU 03.15 @ Fuse TV (acoustic) @ Driskoll Hotel (604 Brazos St)
FRI 03.16 @ Jail Guitar Doors Showcase w/ Tom Morello @ Swandive
SAT 03.17 @ Art Culture Activism @ Diverse Arts
SAT 03.17 @ D’Addarrio/Swinghouse Unofficial Show @ Rusty’s
SUN 03.18 @ Headhunter’s Day Show (Across from Stubb’s)

THU 03.15 @ SXSW City of Austin Day Show @ Austin City Hall
FRI 03.16 @ Spinlet All Africa Showcase @ Beso Cantina

Los Rakas SXSW wrap-up with footage of shows:

“From the moment they took the stage, it was clear why Los Rakas are building a reputation as a rap group that absolutely kills it live on stage. By the end of their set, the cozy confines of the Flamingo Cantina was shaking with the energy of the bilingual MCs, who represent Panama by way of Oakland. Decked out in Oakland Raiders caps, the duo rhymes mostly in Spanish, crisp, clean raps over heavy, dancehall infused beats. The MCs flowed lovely in Spanish over the beat from Snoop Dogg’s Ain’t Nuttin But a G Thang and had the sometimes sedate SXSW crowd screaming for more: “Get your hands up, en el aire!”Austin 360

Chillin’ at #ArtCultureActivism

Los Rakas got work in for their upcoming summer release, Raka Party:

“So much great energy from both performers and audience. These guys had us all dancing as they spit rhymes and navigated through beats from Dr. Dre to Kreayshawn. What was even more surprising was how many people were mouthing along to the lyrics (good to know i’m not the only one who’s memorized a few verses from their version of “Gucci Gucci”).” – Club Fonograma

Zuzuka Poderosa live @ Jovita’s (ATX) – watch video

The San Antonio Current said Zuzuka Poderosa was ‘Most Likely To Steal The Show‘ at her SATX debut…this photo by Dtronik will answer the ? of whether she did or not:

Call the Firefighter!

…after we kicked it with Psycho Realm, Eric Bobo and Bitman of Ritmo Machine

and ate the best quesadilla ever to be parked next to a ‘Hardbodies’

Outernational was doing what they do, stirring up moshpits and consciousness.

“We did not come here to be discovered, cuz we ALL been found” – Miles Solay

“Everyone go outside, there’s a rock show going on!” a tipsy woman exclaimed from the inside of The Labb. Luckily for the patrons, this rock show was far more entertaining than anything that was going on indoors. The word “energetic” doesn’t quite fit, seeing as Outernational were an explosion of take-no-prisoners socially conscious latin rock, with the lead singer Miles Solay preaching to the crowd in a moment that seemed very similar to Sirus’ speech in The Warriors. Solay’s dancing was unreal, a combination of kicks and jumps that would tire out a normal human being in five minutes, but Solay kept it going for the full set. Energetic? Psh. Outernational is electrifying.Chelsea Upton for 35 Denton

Leo & Miles of Outernational LIVE from Flamingo Cantina

Over at Beso Cantina, Blitz the Ambassador absolutely rocked a packed house – very memorable show!

“Playing at Beso Cantina to a capacity crowd comprised largely of African ex-pats Blitz, who takes his role of ambassador seriously, paid tribute to the African greats who came before him, calling out stars like Fela Kuti and Miriam Makeba as his band did credible takes on their works.He also led the audience in a simple African dance move. His rhyming was on point. He drops complex wordplay with the passion and focus of a man on a mission. In post-Internet America, the cultural mashup that has always been our nation’s experiment has the potential to grow more vibrant than ever. Blitz the Ambassador spits fire, as if he deeply believes that by spreading the wisdom of his transcontinental journey he can somehow change the world. And listening to him, in front of that amazing band, fueled by pure heart, you can’t help but get behind him.” – Austin 360

-santigold at faderfort with full-on #browntourage
-river sounds
-mobb deep
-the park’s jam session/bbq on sunday night
-xylophone-bass r&b avant garde band at maggie mae’s friday night at 1 AM – WHO ARE YOU!?
-3ball mty @ nacional records & friends showcase
-alabama shakes at moody theater
-meeting gary clark jr. & hearing his set from hotel room as sun set
-monsieur periné
-blitz the ambassador at beso cantina
-outernational at headhunter’s
-zuzuka at limelight (SATX)
-los rakas at puma social
-wholly cow burgers
-las cazuelas
-spin magazine day party at stubb’s

-50 cent hoopla and a band that played half the time
-juanes appearance (UH WEIRD)
-doritos stage, myspace house, mesh bodysuits, naked cowboy
-band orgy
-austin airport on monday morning