“Mirame A Los Ojos Para Que Leas Mi Acento”
01/20/2012, 3:12 pm
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Voto Latino‘s column, AMP (Art, Music, Politics) in the Huffington Post goes Rock + Roll.  Read here about the band crossing the country, crossing bridges and sound, in search of a truth, NYC’s own, Outernational.  From the article:

“To say the revolution is breathing through music is an understatement. We’ve witnessed and walked with the 99%, we’ve seen a shift in consciousness about the need to protect the environment and 2012 symbolizes the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new wave of thought. Outernational is a music movement that no longer wants to stand on the fringe. Look out for them on Amnesty International’s Bob Dylan tribute, Chimes Of Freedom (January 24, 2012), and their upcoming albums Future Rock (produced by Tom Morello; dropping March 2012) and Welcome To The Revolution (featuring Chad Smith; out May 2012). You can also catch them live at a show near you.”

For sake of time I am going to copy paste what I sent out not too long ago:

I am sharing this band Outernational with you because I love them.  Friends for 5+ years, I met them after an Ozomatli concert in NYC funny enough.  And they have not quit.  On the road, in a van, on punk rock tours, living bi-coastal, living foolishly (as Steve Jobs recommended we do).  I have tried to support them but there’s just not enough hours in the day! And they do not have a publicist on this release at all…the release was really for the fans (who helped them raise $20,000 to even make it)…If you like what you hear please share this with someone who loves music.  Below you can DL their new album called ‘Todos Somos Ilegales’ (Translation: ‘We Are All Illegal’)> it has Calle 13 (attaching the song for you to hear it), Ceci Bastida, Tom Morello (from Rage Against the Machine) and Chad Smith (from Red Hot Chili Peppers) on it.

Amazing mix of sounds – truly ballsy #FUTUREROCK that is commenting on the real-life bullshit happening around us.  If you want to get into contact, hit:


Sandungueo – gueo – gueo – gueo – Sandungueo
01/14/2012, 3:41 pm
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Wrap up here from amazing artist, Iztel Xoco.  Check her full post here.  Featuring some of her photos below!

The (long) night was a cross spectrum of diaspora dance sounds, from the dembow of Dj Wyldlyfe, to full-out moombahton of Sazon Booya, to the bailefunk of DJ Comrade (shouts on the live mpc cut up of ‘N*ggas in Paris’) to miss Zuzuka Poderosa rocking the very hard job of wowing a crowd to applause right before the headliner (highlight was her debut performance of ‘Psicodelia’ off her Carioca Bass EP – she went ALL OUT) to the official rocking of the house by Munchi; I felt the floor tremble from every soul in the room jumping up and down in pure adulation.

It felt like worship; Munchi lead a sermon that laced Africa, Europe, Miami and New York bass to our faces.  So excited for his ‘Moombahtonista‘ debut EP from Mad Decent coming in February.  And if you did not see this amazing documentary ‘My Son, The DJ’ featuring his mother in Rotterdam, you’re sleeping.  Candela transnacional!

Saw a lot of beautiful people in the house.  Thanks for Remezcla for getting some photos and I am sure video is coming soon (I’ll update this post when I get them). Also big shout to Carlos Guzman & Uptown Collective who got some of Munchi’s live set up on Soundcloud.

Very proud to have hosted this as part of my #FUTUREROOTS series.  Onto the next!