2011 Soul À La Mode: This The Future, We Salute You
12/31/2011, 4:45 pm
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I have never done a BEST OF list before and I am not about to start.  It was once said, ‘Music is an ocean’  – there’s simply much too much.  But I wanted to share (and archive) some of the things that made me happy in 2011 and why.  Enjoy!

Nitty Scott, MC
Auntie Maria’s Crib (Prod by The Good Reverend Dr.)
“This ain’t beats…this is like, production.”  And with that we have Miss Nitty Scott.  Had the pleasure of booking her for a special one-off show at SOB’s this past August called, “Fresh, Bold, So Def Women: Live” featuring Ana Tijoux (Grammy-nominated French/Chilean emcee), downtown NYC’s flygirl DJ + emcee, Jasmine Solano, up and coming educator/emcee, Genesis Be and miss Nitty MUTHAFUCKING Scott. You can see some clips from Karmaloop TV here.  I fell in love with Nitty when I heard some clips on youtube and then J. Period’s ‘Femininitty’ tape where she raps over Missy, Lauryn Hill, Erykah beats.  I’ll never forget I heard her rap something about doing gymnastics; luckily I bumped into Nitty and her manager Gules on a fine Brooklyn day this summer and got to tell her that, haha! Definitely one of my favorite things to discover this year. The concert and panel in August was also one of my favorite moments of 2011. Viva la boombox!  Also, this is the last thing she tweeted – THIS IS WHO I WANT MY DAUGHTERS TO LISTEN TO ONE DAY: “in 2012 and beyond, i promise to always use my position to UPLIFT you, and not mislead you.”

Danny Brown –  I Will
I have an awesome mujer in Texas working with me on some things and she’s just been soooo fresh, if you haven’t met her, follow Maribel.  She posted this on twitter, and it really speaks for itself.  I love me a good #PunannyMixtape entry.  Speaking of which, can someone compile all the best instructional/devotional rap odes to the p-u-s-s-y? Plus I read this piece in Rolling Stone recently; I salute weird.

Frank Ocean Swim Good
This is a run-on sentence: 2011 found me bringing in the new year deep in a New York blizzard, with Spring heralding wild Texas adventures into the end of March, where I was left to pack a 3-story house I cohabitated with (a now ex) boyfriend and best friend for 2 years in California and GET THE HELL OUT.  It sucks to see your life change so drastically, but it was humbling and a really positive to let go (of things both physical and mental).  In April, I held an amazing garage sale with my best friend on a hillside cul-de-sac in my beloved Northeast LA community, parting with things new and old.  Tears were shed, lessons were learned; I bid temporary farewell to my favorite LA joints and people, and fun was had.  During this crazy time, I went on a seaside drive with a nice boy and this song came on.  Could there be a better soundtrack set to driving towards the sea with your hair in the wind and all your possessions in enough bags you could carry yourself? “I’m gonna swim for something, bigger than me.”  Frank Ocean is an amazing pop star!!!!  And other songs from his ‘Nostalgia/ultra‘ grew on me months later as well, which is the sign of a timeless album in my book. Yes, I got this off his Tumblr:

Gloria EstefanLittle Miss Havana
Besides me having a shirt somewhere in the depths of bad-T-shirt-land that says ‘Little Miss Havana’ (THANKS MOM!), Gloria Estefan self-released an album this year that was produced entirely by Pharell.  You should hear it.  Read this review in Club Fonograma.  I wrote this piece for the homies at Large Up about how obsessed I am: THIS IS MY PUBLIC LOVE LETTER TO LA GLORI.  Not to mention the album art slays most pop album art.

Empire of the SunWe Are The People
I don’t care that this song is from 2009 (and got me through a breakup in 2010), the point is I saw Empire of the Sun a couple of times in 2011.  First at Coachella, where they played to a desert sunset and then on Governor’s Island Ball Music Festival, where actually, they also played a sunset set (coincidence?)  If you know me and have gone to a show with me, you understand how emotionally and physically invested I get when a song taps into that soul ‘unexplainable-with-words’ place.  I’m not shy about it.  This song absolutely does that for me and did in 2011.

PJ Harvey
“Let England Shake”
Zuzuka Poderosa and I are obsessed with this album.  On our Sunday breakfast meetings we dubbed #CWS this summer, we listened to this album on Zu’s amazing soundsystem and talked about humanity, war and love. PJ Harvey is a goddess.  Did you guys see that she made amazing short films for each one of the songs on ‘Let England Shake’?  This woman has balls and evolves – all we can want from not only the artists we come to love, but ourselves.

Quantic “Hip Hop En Cumbia”
Will Holland is a prolific producer who I could go on and on and on about, but just read this interview in National Geographic and learn something!  I am amazed I even have the chance to work with him.  So when he asked me to think of some melody-heavy hip-hop songs for him to translate into Cumbias in early 2011, I knew the world’s ears were in for a special treat.  Released by Serato in limited quantities and which sold-out during presales, as Amoeba Music said, it’s the “Best Usage Of World Music Without Being A World Music Album”.

Lykki Li
“Unrequited Love”
I watched her ‘I Follow Rivers’ video over and over.  Then I watched it over and over and over with friends.  Just like I listened to ‘Little Bit’ over and over in 2008.  This folksy number on Lykki’s ‘Wounded Rhymes‘ release hit me like bricks and can be found on my ‘Most Played Songs’ on iTunes; the only explanation of which could be, through all the gypsy-ing I did between May 2010 and when this was released, I never did properly mend a broken heart.  I guess this song reminded me to marinate in the pain, accept the loss and reflect on the things I can change.  One regret I have is not seeing her at Summerstage this summer, but I am sure will see her in 2012.  I LOVE THIS SONG!

DJ Javier Estrada + 3Ball MTY Movement
Saw Wayne & Wax tweet about the ‘Intentalo‘ video and how stylish it was, so I checked it out and was blown away at the standard of gloss and presentation of a movement for the world.  This is the year 3Ball MTY went to another level.  Everyone saw the VICE ‘Pointy Boot‘ video at some point. This is some serious future/past shit, contradictions everywhere, interconnectedness and self-expression across international fiber-optic channels, stylee GALORE!  And they are so young!  And built from the ground up themselves (and with the help of other hometown music hero, Toy Selectah)! And performed on the Premios Billboard Regional Mexican awards!  Awesome and bravo!  DJ Javier Estrada is another Monterey-based producer killing it, constantly putting out quality tracks with a unique voice.  Let’s hope this is the Mexico the world will see more of!  Speaking of mutants, one of my favorite books this year was Daniel Hernandez’s ‘Down & Delirious in Mexico City‘.  Here’s a still from the video, ‘Intentalo’:

DJ QuikLuv of My Life ft. Gift Reynolds
Living in California changed my life, and 2011 had me fully transitioning from the Cali sunshine I loved so much back to gritty New York City.  At one point during the back in forth of this past year, I was in Cali for a Los Rakas show at UCLA’s Reggae/Jazz Fest. I had the privileged of crashing my good friends, the Casey Bros, house in Happy Valley (who, by the way, win for ‘Best House Party With Garage & Hill To Kick It On’). They were working on a special video for DJ Quik (WATCH HERE); tons of Compton stories, googling and funk breaks later, I was hooked.  His sound permeates Cali – it’s so funky familiar how his influence is all over LA music you realize (especially if you weren’t born in Cali, this becomes obvious after living there some time).  Anyhow, nice to delve deeper into the depths of cosmic Cali ghetto funk.  He’s not quitting at funky either as evidenced by this 2011 release.  One regret I have this year is missing him at the Knitting Factory in BK this past June (but at least we can revisit it through the power of word).

Carla Morrison
I ❤ Carla’s voice.  Not even sure how I stumbled upon her last year, but she’s getting really big in Mexico.  Her lyrics are super deep and gorgeous musings on love, loss, need, humanity, being lost…all that.  When she played Remezcla’s ‘The Spot‘ this past summer in NYC, I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear watching her sing.  I LOVE YOU CARLA!

Xi’an Famous Foods
Thank you friendo, Marlonious Funk, for introducing me to this eatery in 2011.  I have since taken at least 10 friends to eat there and they are now just as hooked as I am.  Xi’an specializes in Western Chinese cuisine and was started in the basement of a Queens mall.  Since, it has grown to 2 locations in the city – one in the East Village and one on East Broadway.  Not only is it cheap and delicious, but it is CHEAP AND DELICIOUS.  Learn more about this amazing Father-Son run business here and here – awesome story!  I seriously can not be within 10 blocks of this place without making the trek.  Bon appetite!


The RunawaysBorn to Be Bad
On other #CWS Sunday’s with Zuzuka, we discovered this track while playing The Runaways on vinyl.  I won’t forget how we were talking and then all of a sudden it was like ‘WAIT, REWIND THIS TRACK?’ We played the song 10 times in a row.  Then we invoked it constantly throughout the year – music is the medicine!  It’s fucking healing to hear these bad ass chicks proclaim they are BAD AS FUCK, and that there was nothing anyone could do about it.  This is Born to Be Bad – for 2012.

Cee-loFool For You
Cee-lo is cult to pop. And beautiful pop he makes. I try not to lose sight of just how much I love pop; the shit everyone can relate to.  Cee-lo is mad inspiring because of how much work he put in through the years to reach this level of influence on pop culture.  Anyhow, this made it on my #FoolsMusic playlist in 2011 (also this is total marriage playlist material, ha!) because it touches on deep themes of complex long-love. Steve Jobs (RIP!!) said: ‘Stay foolish’ – but when it rains it pours.  While soaking in those tender human moments of foolishness, who can’t relate to this song? Imagination. We are all foolish about some things, even the things we can’t recognize.  Also, I really liked ‘Bright Lights, Bigger City’ from the Lady Killer; quintessential for gotham-at-midnight walks, many of which were had this year.

Cee-lo at Coachella, who showed up late and barely played, BOO!

MimaEl Pozo
People waited 6 years for this album from Mima, an amazing Puerto Rican singer, guitarist, songwriter, composer, performance artist, alien songstress from outerspace who makes BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.  Along with her partner in sound, DJ Nature  (and collaborator, Rita Indiana), Mima self-released (on SPIK Records – <3) this soon-to-be-heralded classic, setting up memorable shows throughout Puerto Rico with orchestral arrangements, crazy set designs…bold bold shit.  She dares to continue creating, and I will continue to listen.  She should be playing alongside the best in the world: Bjork, Sia, Lykki Li, etc.  Live in Puerto Rico (foto by Adiela Marie):

Chancha Via CircuitoCumbin De Las Aves
Is your heart beating?  Are you alive?  Are you listening?  Rio Arriba from Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK) was released in 2010 in Argentina, and got a USA release in 2011. As this Cluster Mag piece calls the album, and I agree…it’s TRANSPORTIVE.

The Echocentrics
The Echocentrics is: Latin funk/soul/rock vintage vanguard producer/bandleader Adrian Quesada (of Brownout, Ocote Soundsystem, Grupo Fantasma and who knows how many other projects), Natalia Clavier (from Thievery Corporation) and Tita Lima (a Brazilian singer I used to song-stalk in the Myspace days).  They operate out of Texas and ‘Sunshadows‘ sounds like it; dusty, funky and just good ol’ rock & roll.  On the cover, two amps hover in the middle of a desert vibrating out sonic waves to the planet.  Righteous!

Systema SolarMalpalpitando
I. Love. This. Video.

Blitz the AmbassadorBest I Can
Such an honor to be affiliated and contribute to Embassy MVMT this year.  At the heart of it, is bandleader, composer, rapper, Blitz the Ambassador and video director, Terence Nance (besides directing the video for this song, he also co-directed Blitz’sNative Sun film).  The close of 2011 sees Blitz having played 130+ shows internationally to growing audiences and Terence’s first feature film, ‘An Oversimplification of Her Beauty’ be accepted to Sundance.  ‘The international vocabulary, you need subtitles, holla at me.  This the future, we salute ya.’  Not to mention I can probably rap both verses from memory so BOOYA! I feel the rays from #NativeSun and can only anticipate what the world will hear from Blitz in the future…G(RIOT)!

Bomba Estereo got together with La Blogotheque‘s Vincent Moon, etc and they made this amazing video of their live acoustic performance of ‘Pa Respirar’ in various scenes of Bogota!  Get lifted!

not all are 2011 (most are), but i heard and fell in love this year
Gaby Moreno – ‘Sing Me Life’
Azalea Banks
The Weeknd‘High for This’
Los Rakas‘Bien Ribetiao’
Owiny Sigoma BandDoyoi Nyajo Nam (Quantic Dub)
Clams Casino‘All I Need’
Raphael Saadiq‘The Answer’
Gloria EstefanSo Good
Wale Ft MiguelLotus Flower Bomb (DjSliinkRemix)
Das Racist – ‘Selena’
Drake ft. Andre 3000 + Lil Wayne‘The Real Her’
Das Racist ft Lakutis – Amazing
The Strokes – ‘Taken For a Fool’
Big K.R.I.T. – ‘Just Touched Down’
Sonnymoon – ‘Blast Off’
Quadron – Buster Keaton’
Lakutis – Ja Rule
Radiohead – ‘Codex
Jiggy Drama – Cerveza
Azalea Banks – L8R
Häzel – ft. Drake‘Share’
Raka Dun – Sueño Americano
Zuzuka Poderosa – Dona Sandra’
Rihanna – Cockiness
Los Rakas – Vengo De Panama
SBTRKT – ‘Hold On
Pernett – ‘La Rumba Bacana
Munchi – ‘Fuck This
MAKU Soundsystem – ‘Un Canto Negro
Bun B ft Drake – ‘Put it Down
Los Rakas‘Gucci Gucci’ remix
Outernational ft. Calle 13, Tom Morello – ‘We Are All Illegals
Nyle Vs. Naysayers – ‘To The Moon
Rita Indiana – ‘Flores de Fuego
Boogat (Prod by Geko Jones)‘Perfection’
Fat Freddy’s Drop‘Big BW’

Bomba Estereo at Coachella
PJ Harvey at Coachella
at Southpaw
Davila 666
at Knitting Factory (Brooklyn)
Los Rakas, Maluca, Zuzuka Poderosa at The Spot (Remezcla)

Raphael Saadiq at Webster Hall
Baloji at Weeksville (also during blizzard in Jan 2011, Harlem’s The Shrine)
Zuzuka Poderosa in San Antonio, Texas
Chancha Via Circuito at Public Assembly
Los Rakas at Tammany Hall (Manhattan)
Nightslugs Showcase at Public Assembly for BEMF
GHE20 G0TH1K at Sugarhill Disco
One Day As A Lion at Coachella
Rita Indiana at Gabbana Club (also SOB’s show excellent)
Blitz the Ambassador / Spoek Mathambo at Lincoln Center (NYTimes piece)
Little Dragon at 9:30 Club
Carla Morrison at Remezcla’s The Spot
Erykah Badu at Rock The Bells (NYC)
Francisca Valenzuela at Joe’s Pub
Michael Kiwanuka at Joe’s Pub
Blu & Exile at Rock the Bells
Los Rakas at the Fox Theater in Boulder, CO
Ana Tijoux, Jasmine Solano, Nitty Scott, Genesis Be at SOB’s
globalFEST at Webster Hall
Das Racist at Bowery Ballroom
Balkan Beat Box & Uproot Andy at Webster Hall
Nas & Damian Marley at Central Park Summerstage
Les Nubians at Yoshi’s San Francisco
Quantic at Nublu
Munchi at Santos Party House

natalia, the mutant swan


And It Don’t Stop: NYE & January #FUTUREROOTS
12/28/2011, 6:28 pm
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Where have I been, you ask?  Meditating on 2012 and where she’ll take me.  And planning.  Been laying low after an extremely hectic season and upcoming NYE madness.

Speaking of NYE.  I’ll be at Ideya Latin Bistro – a super sweet restaurant in SoHo, NYC – where we’ll be wiling out to DJ Geko Jones as he turns out the dancefloor to salsa, merengue, cumbia, dem bow y mas that’s been lifted by an open bar of NYC’s best mojitos, sangria and more – learn more and reserve a spot ASAP – will sell out.

I’ll cut to it.  I am lending #FUTUREROOTS support to 2 exciting events in January.  First is a showcase-style event with an excitingly diverse line-up during the APAP Conference on Sat, 1/7 and second is a full-on danceparty with an international line-up of some of the most exciting dance music being made on Fri, 1/13 – WOOP!  Can’t contain myself so here we go with info:

Blitz the Ambassador | Nomadic Massive | Adeline | House of Waters | Zuzuka Poderosa
Saturday, January 7th @ 7 PM:  Join us at The Studio at Webster Hall, for a combo of artists I’m psyched are coming together during the APAP-edition of #FUTUREROOTS which I summed up like this: “A Celebration and Showcase of World-Class, Indie, Trans-Global Artists Doing It Themselves For The World; and When We Say ‘World’ We Mean It: from Ghana to Paris to Rio to Brooklyn to Montreal & Back Converge!”  Hear music, read bios and mark your calendar because the show is showcase style, beginning promptly at 7 PM. RSVP here.

Watch Promo Video & Click Here | Get Excited

Munchi | Sazon Booya | Zuzuka Poderosa | DJ Comrade | DJ Wyldelyfe
Friday, January 13th @ 11 PM | DROM:  Late night moombahton, bailefunk, afro-latin bass, dem bow, electro-roots, carioca bass, EVERY KINDA BASS BECAUSE IT JUST MAKES YOU SHAKE YOUR BOOTY SO FUCK WHAT IT IS IF IT’S GOOD.  Yeah, last time Munchi was in town and I saw him…at Santos for Que Bajo!?, I think my face melted off.  That party made me feel excited to be back in NYC (especially with snow on the ground).  It was SO brick cold outside, yet we were dripping with sweat inside the club.  That’s what I’m hoping at Drom to welcome back Munchi to the states and his upcoming tourdates.  2012’s gonna hear a lot from him I am sure.  PS, #NP ‘Fuck This’. RSVP here.

Watch Promo Video & Click Here | Get Excited

This will not be like December.  There has to be some sort of hibernation (PLEASE!)  But these are two places to hear and experience outstanding new universal music. #FUTUREROOTS

Border Stories on Stage: ‘One Journey’
12/22/2011, 8:59 am
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Cali homegirl, Kamren Curiel, is now writing for Voto Latino‘s new blog: AMP (Arts, Music, Politics) and I wanted to share her most recent piece on the amazing work of another friend, Yadira de la Riva and her one-woman theater piece, One Journey: Stitching Stories Across the Mexican “American” Border(click the photo below to read full piece in The Huffington Post).

“De La Riva, who received a master’s degree from NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study in “artivism performance art as a means of cultural resistance,” conducted extensive interviews with family and community members along the border before writing the play. One Journey weaves these complex tales with music, dance, poetry and humor in an attempt to humanize the border experience.”

“I’m looking forward to the Latino community demanding immigration reform designed by us which will be inclusive of all marginalized people of this nation and backed by a long-term ideology of justice and respect for human values.”

One Journey is coming to a city near you in 2012.  Find out more.

Los Rakas: (Still) Los Manes Del Futuro
12/16/2011, 4:40 pm
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2011 – what a Raka year.  Feel like a ton of bricks hitting me, but we forge on!  Los Rakas is one of the hardest working groups out there, blazing trails and constantly breaking down barriers.  They transcend genre and style while showcasing their talent and creativity everywhere they go.  I am so proud to be working with these guys and have no doubt 2012 will be theirs.

Los Rakas in Austin, TX in 2011 (Photo by Nina Parks)

Accolades for debut EP, ‘Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada’::::::::::
NPR Music ‘Top 50 Favorites of 2011’

PRI Worldwide‘s Afropop WW ‘Stocking Stuffers 2011’
National Geographic ‘Top 10 Releases of 2011’
Amoeba Music‘s ‘Best International Hip-Hop Release’
Okayplayer’s Largeupdotcom ‘Toppa Top 10 Caribbean Albums of 2011: #3’
AMP‘s ‘Five Most Memorable Artists of 2011’
The Washington Post‘s ‘Lost Tracks’
#67 on Club Fonograma‘s ‘Top 100 Tracks of 2011’

A lot of people said a lot of things, but these are some of my favorites:::::

“If Calle 13 is keeping Latin rap alive, then Oakland-based Panamanian duo Los Rakas gives it something to look forward to. Cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun sound fresh and intelligent on their new EP Chancletas Y Camisetas Bordada.”Alt Latino

“They’re celebratory without being goofy, topical and tropical, riding the kind of ping-pong chemistry that only a well-matched duo can achieve.” – David Dacks for Exclaim!

Every few years or so an act comes along that reminds us that reggaeton isn’t just a bunch of monotonous, pre-fab, bootyshaking basura for kids who are too young to appreciate salsa. Like Tego Calderon or Calle 13, Bay Area-duo Los Rakas blow up reggaeton’s lame conventions with smart, funny and wickedly inventive beats and rhymes. Panamanian-American partners Raka Dun and Raka Rich take the music back to its origins – back to the original, ’80s Panamanian/Jamaican reggae-en-español connection – while updating the mix for the 21st century. The result is a completely re-imagined version of reggaeton: smarter, funnier and with better beats. We dare you not to dance to this one. – Tom Pryor of Nat Geo

“Los Rakas are two amazing rappers from Panama, now residing in the Bay Area, rapping about both ill fun street sh*t and super emotional immigrant narratives.”Jawnita for East Village Radio

“Los Rakas put a serious dose of Baltimore in their Oakland for this one–and considering their Oakland was already pretty full of Black Panama, it’s amazing they found room for so much bass culture on one track.” – Eddie Stats for Large Up

“The front single off Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada is a tour-de-force number that’s so high caliber, you better believe the duo when they claim to be “dangerous.” Its fragmented depths and hinting disco strings work perfectly under the Panabay slang, one in which the Oakland cruisers once again plays ode to its beloved Mexican fanbase.” – Carlos Reyes for Club Fonograma (Read the full album review)

“Crammed into this eight-song EP, you’ll hear the flickering drum breaks of Baltimore club music, the syrupy pulse of reggaeton, the wheezing synthesizers of West Coast hip-hop, the buoyant riddims of Caribbean dancehall and the sound of a mattress squeaking in 4/4 time — a blush-able sound that knows no borders.”- Chris Richards for The Washington Post

Favorite video interviews::::::::

Big Buds Magazine with Los Rakas in LA *Best Weed-Related
Frank 151 in NYC *Most Prepared Interviewer
World Up in NYC *Best View + Afro-in-Wind Shots + Rewind to Live Show Reference
Remezcla in NYC *Best Live Performance In Brooklyn Coffee Shop
Ghetto Newsflash in LA *Flyest Interviewer + Cali Questions
Largeupdotcom in NYC *Best Live Concert Capture
Votolatino in Austin *Best Interview With Rico Sucking His Teeth

The round-up:::::::::::

Los Rakas“Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada” EP (Soy Raka LLC)
#1 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Reggaeton Chart
#2 on iTunes Overall Latin Chart

  • Collie Buddz National ‘Playback Tour’ Openers
  • SXSW @ Vibe Magazine House, Virgin Mobile House, Peligrosa, CNN Grill showcases
  • Festivals: UCLA Reggae/Jazz Fest, Snoop Dogg’s ‘Spring Gathering’, Cypress Hill’s ‘Smokeout Fest’, Central Park Summerstage
  • Licensing: Film – WWE’s ‘The Reunion, Video Game – Call of Juarez: The Cartel and TV – MTV Tr3
  • Acclaimed official remix with Goapele for her single, ‘Play
  • Main page placement on YOUTUBE.COM/MUSIC, Coverage in NPR, AOL, MTV IGGY, FADER
“Self-released and wonderfully self-assured, we’re in front of one of the year’s most eventful and accomplished urban albums.” –CLUB FONOGRAMA

“Oakland-based Raka Dun and Raka Rich represent some of the best in Spanish-language rap coming out of the US, with a classic flow married to beats that draw from dancehall, future bass and good ol’- fashioned boom-bap.” –AOL SPINNER

“In a sea of rappers reciting endless lists of brand names, sexual positions and expensive traveling destinations, it’s beautiful to remember what true love for music feels like.” –NPR
Ta Lista
If most music videos strive for maximum eye-candy then this joint is like a eye-pinata.” – LARGEUP

Cueria –
“The group recently debuted a short to go with the song “Cueria” which evokes some possible parallels to the shooting of Oscar Grant by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle in Oakland in 2009 and could be speaking to the excessive use of force by police in general.” – FRANK 151

Celebrating their 5th Anniversary as a group last month to a sold-out 500 capacity theater, The New Parish, in Oakland, Raka Rich & Raka Dun are prepping their upcoming solo projects and next Los Rakas release for 2012 while continuing to collaborate on hot songs and tour to growing audiences; the Raka movement is bubbling worldwide.

…and finally.  Some of my fav photos:::::::::::

my fav shot by phil emerson

Los Rakas @ CNN Grill @ SXSW 2011

Brazilian indie pop band HOLGER came to the Los Rakas show at SXSW, big fans!

Ladies ❤ Raka Rich @ Dance Right in LA

Fitting in 2 interviews in NYC @ East Village Radio

With Maria Hinojosa at NPR

Raka Krypto + Raka Dan + Raka Nati in Austin

Rocking Remezcla’s ‘The Spot’ in New York City

Raka Dun gets his literature on on the NYC Subway

Backstage at Los Rakas First NYC Headlining Show – February 2011

“Cumbia hasn’t suddenly become hip; cumbia was always hip.”
12/15/2011, 3:39 pm
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Will Holland AKA Quantic talks to PRI’s The World-anchor, Marco Werman as well as MTV HIVE.  Soundway’s ‘The Original Sound of Cumbia’ is OUT NOW.

pri_the_world_logoClick above to listen to Will’s convo with Marco Werman

“Vintage recordings of Colombian cumbia re collected in a new two CD set called “The Original Sound of Cumbia.” The recordings come from 78s, 45s and LPs that record collector Will Holland found while scouring bins in Colombia.”

Will mentions he will be working on a compilation highlighting other Colombian rhythms from the Choco region and Pacific region of Buenaventura like, Currulao.


Read the entire piece by clicking on the logo

“The vintage, percolating, rough-cut tunes compiled by Quantic on his exhaustive cumbia overview thrills, disorients, and invigorates.”

#FUTUREROOTS Recap: ‘La Cumbia Es Un Canto Negro’ By MAKU Soundsystem
12/12/2011, 9:21 pm
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MAKU Soundsystem celebrated the release of their second album, ‘Makumbala‘ this past Saturday at SOB’s along with DJ Monk-One as part of the third installment of #FUTUREROOTS.  MAKUMBALA is a special edition 7” vinyl that was recorded live over bleeding mics at SoundWorks Studio. Their first album ‘Vamos Bien‘ can be bought at their shows.

I was super blessed to be turned on to this group last year and have wanted to work with them in some capacity, so I am super thrilled to have been able to do a #FUTUREROOTS collaboration!  Their music gets better and better and no doubt will continue to grow!

Foto by Viviana M. Benitez

M.A.K.U is:
Andres Jimenez – Drums & horn arrangements
Camilo Rodriguez – Guitar & horn arrangements
Felipe Quiroz – Synthesizer
Juan Ospina – Bass & vocals
Lana Baja – Vocals & Percussion
Leticia ElNaggar – Clarinet & tenor sax
Robert Stringer – Trombone
Viviana Benitez – Booking & management

The group also had a WNYC GIG ALERT (make sure you get the FREE DOWNLOAD) on Friday which highlighted a track I have not been able to stop playing called, ‘Canto Negro‘ with the chorus, ‘La cumbia es un canto negro’ then goes on an epic 8 min+ jam through psych rock, clarinet-ey, folkloric Afro-Colombian rhythms and more.

From WNYC:
“The octet was formed by guitarist Camilo Rodriguez in 2009 as an outlet for the folkloric rock blends he and his fellow Colombian expatriates in New York City create.”

From TimeoutNY:
“Afro-Colombian fusioneers M.A.K.U. Soundsystem have a kind of Grand Theft Auto approach to mixing up genres, where trad motifs slam up against jazzy flourishes, distorted guitars and ska basslines. You may be left dazed but delighted.”

The group also stopped by East Village Radio after soundcheck and *just* made it to Jawnita’s ‘Universopolis‘ in time for a quick shout, and some of their songs are featured in the last half hour which you can hear HERE (December 10th).  The group will be back on the show for further questioning, but enjoy some of the new tunes!

Here’s a great video from last year about the group, who are confirmed to play 2012’s globalFEST on January 8th at Webster Hall.  Breakthrough moments coming for them in the upcoming year as they continue to find a new audience outside of New York City and rock showcases at SXSW and more!

In it’s third installment, SOB’s #FUTUREROOTS series celebrates the new world music of the Pan Americas and Africa, where sounds are being taken to dizzying new heights and varieties by today’s generation of DJs and musicians with the world at their fingertips, the internet and a fearless urge to build sonic bridges with the past and future. Past performers include: Pernett (Techno/Dance/Afro-Colombia), Que Bajo!? (Tropical Bass), Los Rakas (Dancehall, Plena, Hip-Hop), Dre Skull (Dancehall/Electronic) and others.

Quantic & Soundway’s New Release + Playable Map of Colombia
12/05/2011, 2:28 am
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UMMMM, how cool is this?  Soundway with the work of Quantic (AKA Will Holland) put together this forward-thinking audio map of Colombia and all her beautiful rhythms (NOT JUST CUMBIA PEOPLE!).  It was compiled to celebrate the release of “The Original Sound of Cumbia: The History of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948 – 79” (OUT TODAY):

“After five years of becoming slowly submerged in Colombian musical culture, learning the accordion, setting up a band and a studio, and scouring the country in search it’s recorded legacy, Will ‘Quantic’ Holland (Quantic Soul Orchestra & Quantic y su Combo Barbaro) has compiled the fruits of his labour into this unique compilation that tells the story of cumbia in the years of the phonograph record’s supremacy. Along with good friend and head of Soundway Records, Miles Cleret, Will Holland has condensed hundreds of 78s, 45s and LPs into just over two and a half hours of the finest Colombian cumbia.”

Just checked out this 4 star review of the compilation in UK’s Telegraph (READ): “In the elegant and scholarly liner notes, Holland compares the 950-mile river Magdalena, birthplace of cumbia, with the Mississippi, cradle of the blues.”

Click on the map for a journey through sound:

“This map goes in part to highlight the regions of Colombia that the different styles originated from and that the musicians, labels and recording studios were based. Rare video interviews with Curro Fuentes and Michi Sarmiento feature alongside performances from the likes of Lucho Bermudez and of course, some of the fantastic music that have featured on these compilations.”