Se Baile Asi, Se Goza Mas: The Best Of Quantic
08/31/2011, 10:48 am
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So, while living in Los Angeles, it was only natural that I would tune into the country’s BEST radio station, KCRW.  I recall loving this really funky, soulful track and soon learned it was The Quantic Soul Orchestra feauring Alice Russell’s ‘Pushing On’.  I had NO concept of what or who the members were, who was “Quantic” or his history…I just sheerly loved the song  a lot and bought the album.

Cut to a couple of years later, while at Nacional Records and working with Bomba Estereo on their trip to Austin for SXSW 2009 (their first time there).  By that time I had familiarized myself with Will Holland AKA Quantic more; he was a producer, multi-instrumentalist + band leader from the UK, licensed a monster track for a iPod commercial that you definitely recall and he had moved to Colombia where he had a love affair with cumbia, salsa, music del pacifico and all her different influences.

I figured he would be an excellent person to reach out to about Bomba Estereo (haha, I may still have the Myspace interaction we had).  That trip, I introduced Simon Mejia to Will at the SXSW Colombia showcase at The Speakeasy and separately I met Will while at the Mochilla screening of their Timeless films (I was with Ana Tijoux, where we were jammed out to all the Dilla + Slum Village tunes, reciting verses while sitting together – total geeks!)  Will was super cool and sweet, and a couple of years later, it’s been such an honor to have the opportunity to work with him. DUDE IS PROLIFIC (do the homework and your ears will thank you!)  Anyhow…that’s how I started my trip with Quantic.

Tru Thoughts is releasing a ‘Best Of’ album (Out September 5th in Europe, September 13th in USA).  It can be pre-ordered here.

Robert Luis, Tru Thoughts head of A+R, recently went through his own history with Quantic on the verge of the album dropping and it’s a gem of a podcast.  Robert drops some unreleased demos of Will’s and also shares some amazing stories about shows, collaborators and more. Listen to that here.

He’s also touring the USA/Canada in Sept/Oct (more dates to be announced):

21 Buffalo NY at DBGB
23 Ottawa ON at Mercury Lounge
24 Toronto ON at Small World Music Festival
29 Seattle WA at Neumos (Decibel Fest)
30 San Francisco CA at Som Bar

04 Costa Mesa CA at MESA
07 Chicago IL at The Mid (w/ Cut Chemist)
10 Athens GA at New Earth Music Hall
13 Tallahassee FL at The Engine Room
14 Brooklyn NY at Southpaw (w/ Nickodemus)
15 Atlanta GA at The Sound Table

Quantic is constantly PUSHING THE STYLES.  With the release of this ‘Best Of,’ it’s a good time to reflect, celebrate this music, but most importantly, continue evolving.  This about sums it up from a recent interview with CMU:

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Quantic: I hope it will both celebrate and draw a line under the last ten years, as there is much more music to make! I’m excited about my forthcoming collaborations with singer Alice Russell and recording more projects in Colombia, where I am based.

bomba estéreo: inside me / usa tour
08/27/2011, 1:02 pm
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bomba‘s back to tour in the usa.  got this link in my google alerts that a fan put together with an acoustic version of ‘inside me’ + ‘fuego’ / …can’t wait to hear the new music!

(EDIT) also in bomba news, check out ‘the take away show’ from french filmaker, vincent moon, where he shot the band in bogota (and singing NEW songs). click here…so beautiful!

USA tour dates:
14/09: LE POISSON ROUGE – New York, NY.
15/09: UNIVERSITY OF IOWA – Iowa City, IA.
16/09: BRILLIANT CORNERS – Chicago, IL.
18/09: AUSTIN CITY LIMITS – Austin, TX.
20/09: LINCOLN HALL – Chicago, IL.
21/09: CEDAR CULTURAL CENTER – Minneapolis, MN.
23/09: LOTUS FESTIVAL – Bloomington, IN.

“Poderosa means power. Zuzuka Power. It just makes sense.”
08/23/2011, 12:12 am
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no time for original blogposts sooooo. here we go:

“OI // if you’re receiving this, it’s because you’re part of the zuzuka poderosa ‘inna-circle’ of #POWER mo’fos! you get it, you’ve supported us (some in MAJOR ways), you gotta SEE this!

had to share this amazingly in-depth and awesome piece about zuzuka written by alexis stephens (@pm_jawn) //

link to article:
10 track ‘best of’ sampler here:
highlights (really, read the whole thing if you have a moment):
“Since she left for her Power Tour, she’s been bouncing between America’s metropolitan hubs, infecting listeners with a unique brand of globally cross-pollinated party rap, a cocktail of rave styles from the global South that she has come to call Carioca Bass.”

“Her own life story is one of cultural nomadism and constant exposure to difference, newness, change, exchange.”

“Even so, a hushed malaise set in after a while and Baile Funk has slowly been bumped off flyers announcing the best of dancehall/kuduro/cumbia, and more recently moombahton. But Zuzuka cannot and should not ever stop performing Carioca Bass.”

“It’s telling that this genre — globally-constituted in itself — forms the base upon which Miss Poderosa does the complex layering work that makes her music so unique.”

“With her solid base and open mindset, she’s not tied down by affiliation—a common tendency among women emcees.  “A lot of women in the mainstream don’t have control over how they market themselves.” This is not a problem Zuzuka has.”

““When I perform, I feel like it’s really hard for people to just stand around, you know? Because I wanna make sure you’re dancing. Like, let’s do this!” She snapped her fingers commandingly. “Right now.””

also accompanying is an amazing foto shoot featuring zuzuka in local designer wares….


Stylist: Dalila Shannon
Hair and makeup: Valissa Yoe
Photography:  Nathaniel Darst
Director: Oliver Rivard
Executive producer: Max Pearl


(end of email)

Roundup: ‘Zuzuka Power Tour: Roofless & Ruthless West Coast’
08/14/2011, 2:26 pm
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While I’m not with Zuzuka Poderosa on the West Coast on her ‘Zuzuka Power Tour: Roofless & Ruthless West Coast Edition’, I know she is ripping stages and winning new fans on the daily.  Check out some great press on the latest run of shows in Los Angeles (with Ana Tijoux), Sacramento and San Francisco!

The roundup:
“It took mere minutes for Zuzuka to get the 1,000-plus crowd up on their feet.”

“Caught an awesome show at Macarthur Park with Brazilian export, Zuzuka Poderosa, whose music I described to a friend as grind yo shit, raunchy pelvic thrusting drum and base. Hard to describe, Yes. But once you see how it looks on the dance floor, you’ll probably never forget.” -KNOCKSTEADY

“The show featuring two female singer MCs originally from South America playing to a thrilled crowd in Los Angeles was amazing to witness. The talent on stage could leave no doubt about hip hop’s strength beyond the often narrow borders if is often associated with.”-CULTURE REMIXED


Tweet reviews:


Press Release:

Zuzuka Power Tour 2011:
Roofless & Ruthless!!

Video for ‘Ai Voce Gosta‘ featured on Feature ‘Global Ghetto Sounds’

Get 10-track Promo Sampler Here.

Foto from’s The Spot in July! (via MTV Iggy)

“Not only is she bringing her own brand of the hot Brazilian underground sound to the rest of the world, but from her international vantage point she operates like a provocatively rhyming hurricane, sucking up global riddims from ghettotech to dancehall and flinging them back out at gale-force speeds.” – MTV

Brazil-born, Brooklyn-based Carioca Bass Diva, Zuzuka Poderosa kicks off the West Coast edition of her ‘Zuzuka Power Tour: Roofless & Ruthless’ tour THIS Thursday in Los Angeles, after several high profile East Coast shows last month including DC’s Moombahton Massive V with Dave Nada, DJ Sabo as well as Remezcla’s ‘The Spot’ in NYC with Los Rakas and Maluca.  Zuzuka also played in Berlin in June alongside DJ Uproot Andy, DJ Edgar and Spoek Mathambo at the Radical Riddims Fest.

Always on the grind, Zuzuka jet sets to the West Coast this month, where she’ll be for just under 2 months, playing shows up and down the coast and the midwest.  Recently in PRI’s The World, MTV Iggy’s ‘Bands We Like‘, and NPR Alt.Latino’s ‘Spotlight,’ Zuzuka’s project with Sonora (Texas’ Peligrosa), ‘Sonora Remixes: Zuzuka Poderosa,’ was critically acclaimed around certain underground tropical bass movements.  Her most recent single release, a collaboration with Dublin-based producer, Orquesta, ‘Dona Sandra EP’ also made an impression with global bass audiences, with NPR selecting it as part of it’s ‘Best Beats of Summer 2011′ series.

Focused on making music and releasing singles and EPs for DJs, while on tour, Zuzuka will be working with various producers across the country exploring new sounds and picking up inspiration from her travels.  Expect new releases from her later in the Fall including a short EP with Bay Area based producer, Kush Arora and a different project exploring a sound she’s coined, Baile Crunk, with NYC based producer, Burt Fox.

Zuzuka on the American Dream with Voto Latino: Watch here.
Zuzuka recent profile on Dame Dash’s ‘Creative Control’ at Brooklyn Bowl: Watch here.

Tour dates:

8.11 / Los Angeles @ Levitt Pavillion MacArthur Park / BMI Summer Nights (w/ Ana Tijoux)
8.12 / Sacramento @ Sol Collective / Global Hood Party*
8.13 / San Francisco @ Elbo Room / Tormenta Tropical*
8.17 / Los Angeles @ East Side Luv / Subsuelo*
8.27 / Chicago @ Butterfly Social Club (w/ Starfoxxx)
8.31 / Los Angeles @ Broadway Bar / Bailefunk LA
9.2 / San Francisco @ Som-Bar
9.4 / Los Angeles @ Senor Fish / Bodega
9.8 / Los Angeles @ Dance Right (La Cita)*
9.10 / Portland @ MusicFest NW w/ DJ Chaach!
9.13 / Seattle @ Nectar Lounge w/ DJ Chaach!, Tang & Toast (Last Night’s Mixtape) & DJ Darwin (Mad Rad)
9.17 / Swarthmore, PA @ Swarthmore College

*With DJ Righteous Trash
**More To Be Announced

All inquiries:
@ZuzukaPoderosa on Twitter

Sun Is Still Shining: ‘Live From The Continent’ Recap
08/09/2011, 5:27 pm
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…a recap in quotes, cuz there’s just not a lot of time!

Photo by NYTimes Michael Nagle

“In his own songs, played live by a potent funk band, Blitz drew on the stentorian delivery of Public Enemy’s Chuck D, but he also pushed into hyperspeed double-time rapping that was still intelligible as it whizzed by.” – NYTimes

“He’s a socially conscious rapper. Blitz is determined to draw American attention to Africa, and Ghana particularly, comparing American privilege with African poverty.” – NYTimes

“His sing-songy delivery gave many of his songs the feeling of crisscrossed genre mash-ups, swiftly moving from traditional hip-hop to Nigerian high life and hard Afro-funk. Blitz invited his audience on a narrative musical journey, exploring the roots of rap and funk music around the world and the African continent.” – Wall Street Journal

“Blitz The Ambassador’s horn-filled soul band hit the stage with so much polish that it coaxed folks into the aisles instantly.” – Village Voice

Quick thoughts:  I thought this was passionate and smart collaborative curation at its finest.  Each artist brought something different and the pace of the evening was perfect.  From Iyadede‘s fanciful and light set, to a bouncing Spoek Mathambo (who just signed to Sub Pop) whose frenetic set got everyone in the aisles, and ending with Blitz the Ambassador and The Embassy Ensemble topping off the night with a brassy and vivid geographic sonic journey.  Epic!

Shout outs to Bill Bragin at Lincoln Center (and the awesome team over there!), CCCADI, Embassy MVMT, and Society Hae for a memorable evening that’s sure to bring each of these artists closer towards spring boarding EVEN more across the United States and wider audiences worldwide.

Blitz the Ambassador is confirmed to play WOMEX in October and has confirmed the following US Midwest tour:
9/10 – CALIFORNIA – Doheny Days Music Fest @ Dana Points
9/14 – KENT, OH – Kent State Univ.
9/15 – DETROIT, MI- Magic Stick
9/16 – MADISON, WI – World Music Festival
9/17- CHICAGO – World Music Festival
9/18- MILWAUKEE, WI – Global Union Festival @ Alverno College
9/19 – AMES, IA – Iowa State Univ.
9/20 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 7th St. Entry
9/21 – IOWA CITY, IA – Blue Moose
9/22 – St. LOUIS, MO – Firebird
9/25 – PITTSBURGH, PA – August Wilson Center
9/26- LEXINGTON, KY – Woodsong

“It’s not about a femcee tonight. It’s about emcees.”
08/06/2011, 4:50 pm
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Close to 300+ people came out this past Monday to SOB’s for ‘Fresh, Bold, So Def Women: LIVE!‘ with Ana Tijoux, Nitty Scott, MC, Jasmine Solano + Genesis Be.

The crowd was a refreshing mix of hip-hop lovers and positive party people ready to rock to the rhymes and beats of these fly performers.

Hosted by class act, Patty Dukes of Circa 95, each emcee brought something unique to the stage, but what I loved most was how these different worlds got to pay respects and connect with each other.

Eternia (Rapper + Panelist that night), Patty Dukes (Host), and Jasmine Solano (Performer)

The panel which took place before the event and was hosted by the NYU Hip Hop Education Center founder, Martha Diaz (also author of upcoming book and current multimedia research project called, ‘Fresh, Bold, So Def Women‘), brought various artists and entrepreuners from the industry together (including Ana Tijoux and Nitty Scott, MC who performed later).  You can watch each of the panelists introduce themselves here.

Fresh, Bold, So Def Women
2nd row: Fiona Bloom, Thembisa Mshaka, Genesis Be, Eternia, Nitty Scott, MC, Martha Diaz
1st row: Ana Tijoux, Jasmine Solano, Patty Dukes, nati

The performers:

Genesis Be (Foto by Jay Fornia)

Nitty Scott, MC (foto by Jay Fornia)

Jasmine Solano
(foto by Jay Fornia)

Anyhow, I hope we can do more installments of this series.  The success of the night surely displayed that there’s an audience for this music and mission! Special thanks to Karmaloop TV (exclusive artist interviews coming soon), AF3iRM (their ‘Summer School of Women’s Activism‘ is this month!) and SOB’s for the space.

MTV Iggy was there to capture the spirit of the evening. Read the full review:

“Chilean emcee Ana Tijoux  headlined a night at SOB’s in New York city appropriately titled “Fresh, Bold, and So Def Women.” All the performers on the bill — Genesis Be (who had and amazing anti-planking rap), Nitty Scott, MC (who was, indeed, so def), and Jasmine Solano (who rhymed over moombahton) — were also ladies, but, as the evening’s host Patty Dukes explained to the young crowd, “It’s not about a femcee tonight. It’s about emcees.”

Ana Tijoux + Band! Photo by MTV Iggy

Ana Tijoux (Foto by Jay Fornia)

Watch the full stream of Ana’s performance here where close to 800 people around the world joined us LIVE that night. So fresh!

sobs on Broadcast Live Free