Spit It In Both Languages, The Lyrical Anthropologist || Blitz The Ambassador’s ‘Native Sun’ Out Tomorrow!
05/02/2011, 3:48 pm
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The time has come. Hear the full streaming for one more day on youtube of Blitz the Ambassador‘s new album (out TOMORROW, May 3rd) ‘Native Sun.’  Pre-order it on iTunes and come celebrate it with us as Blitz rocks NYC on Wednesday, May 4th for his album release party at SOB’s.

“Live from Accra city, that’s my city, that’s beyond what they call gritty.”
“When Chuck D gives a shout-out on your record (“It’s not where you from; it’s where you at….”), you could say you’ve made it as a hip-hop artist. Ghanaian-born Samuel Bazawule may not be a household name, but if his new album “Native Sun” is any indication, he should be. “Native Sun” is one of the most organic marriages of African music and hip-hop we’ve heard — an effortless release that incorporates Afrobeat, highlife and kora music into old-school hip-hop. It’s a warm and danceable record with a social conscience, and it speaks to anybody who’s lived between two cultures — as more and more of us do.” Youtube

There’s African hip-hop, there are African grooves with rapping on top and then there’s Blitz.” Exclaim (Canada’s #1 Music Publication)

“Highlife meets conscious rap meets afrobeat meets everything magnum opus.” – Okayplayer


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