East WillyB: An Original Webseries // “We’re the Pulse.”
04/22/2011, 9:09 pm
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‘…it’s so much about really building the audience first. If the industry doesn’t realize that there’s a market, or they are not ready to speak to this market…well, we know, we’re on the ground, we’re the pulse. This generation wants cutting-edge humor…” – Julia Grob

So, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by amazingly creative and competent people who I can also call my friends.  Co-creator/actress/goddess, Julia Grob included me in some beginning convos about a very special and timely webseries, initially called El Week.  Re-dubbed East WillyB, the comedic webseries tells the story of a struggling bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn (or maybe some of you know it as East Williamsburg for real estate pricing purposes) and the surrounding community as it faces a rapidly changing neighborhood.

What I love so much about being a part of this project is that not only is it well-done and hilarious, but it’s a series with a heart and drive to truly create media which reflects these urban experiences not often explored in smart and nuanced ways.  Ultimately, it’s really funny, which is the point –> entertainment.  It’s also written, conceived, produced and made by an all-Latino crew of writers, actors and producers.  Por ejemplo, co-creator, Yamin Segal and Producer Michael Cordero, produced these shorts, called The Real Bushwick, interviewing community members from the area and candidly pairing them next to the comedic episodes.

Stellar cast: April Hernandez (Dexter, Freedom Writers), Flaco Navaja (Fighting, Gun Hill Road), Danny Hoch (Black Hawk Down, American Splendor), Caridad “La Bruja” De La Luz (Bamboozled, Down to the Bone) , Raul Castillo (Nurse Jackie, IFC’s Cold Weather), and Julia Ahumada Grob (Fugly!, Creator of East WillyB), along with many of NYC’s top Latino actors.

Launched earlier this month (watch the premiere and red carpet clip), each 2-minute episode can be seen on Wednesdays at  Check it out and spread the word!

Check out this trailer:

Check out what people are saying:
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Desert Rose // Electric Blooms
04/19/2011, 10:38 am
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…fun times in the desert this weekend.  Coachella favorites: Bomba Estereo, Empire of the Sun, One Day As a Lion, Raphael Saadiq, The Stokes, Kanye West, Erykah Badu.

[conrazón update] Dance, Don’t Stop…Do the No Future Shock
04/14/2011, 3:01 am
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{heading courtesy of new TV on the Radio film/trailer for 9 Types of Light}


QUANTIC:: new mix dedicated to Cali, Colombia; June/July Europe tour, ‘Best of’ album (july release), ‘Hip Hop En Cumbia’ Serato/vinyl-only release in May/June, new release ‘Caliventura Remixes EP’ featured in NPR.

“There’s salsa vieja, descarga, boogaloo, and cumbia…”- Remezcla

BOMBA ESTEREO:: new VIDEO & ‘EL ALMA Y EL CUERPO’ TOUR (Coachella on 4.16 – Mainstage at 2:30 PM and 30+ dates in USA!)

…el sabor latino se ve.’

:: album ‘native sun’ due may 3rd (pre-sale on iTunes), film trailer, europe tour

Blitz the Ambassador – Native Sun (May 3rd, 2011 ; Embassy MVMT)

:: rock SXSW, on tour w/ Collie Buddz’s ‘Playback Tour’ (watch), new biography, ‘chancletas y camisetas bordada ep’ (august), spring/summer touring news, new single “Borracho”!

…new track ‘Borracho’ coming soon!

releases new music (review by MTV here), tours texas (austin, san antonio, corpus), returns to west coast in aug, rocks SXSW

Zuzuka live in San Antonio, Texas (I was there…what a show). Photo by Ghostpizza

premiere gala 4.12 in NYC, check out on facebook, premieres worldwide @ on April 13th, review by MTV Tr3s!

Watch the trailer of this groundbreaking new webseries!
….I’ll be working on the LES NUBIANS‘ NU REVOLUTION tour in mid-May!

…new album ‘Nu Revolution’ is out 4.19.  Check out their single ‘Les Gens’ ft Blitz the Ambassador

[Video] On the Road with Los Rakas + New World Music
04/06/2011, 1:35 am
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The Playback Tour with Collie Buddz has Los Rakas riding the wave of consistently bringing sun and good music all over the US.  The response has been overhwelming, with the guys infectiously spreading their sound to new audiences (and sold out shows) from Baltimore to the Carolinas to New Orleans to Boston.  The proof is in the video:

Collie Buddz brings out Los Rakas to perform ‘Esa Mulata’ at 2:40 in:

Interview and performance w/ PulsoBeat in Ft. Lauderdale:

Finally, read this spotlight by Wayne Marshall, professor at MIT & Boston bloggin’ beast, who helped upgrade the guys’ bio 100% (thx Wayne!)  Here’s a snippet (read the spotlight for more):

Los Rakas make music born of migration and tradition, critique and celebration, joy and pain. They make New World music. American music. Panamanian Jamaican Californian music. Music for b-boys and rude boys, dancers and romancers, mainlanders and islanders and isthmus folk alike.