SXSW 2011: Bass in Yo Face! (& a SUPERMOON!)
03/24/2011, 9:04 pm
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Lots went down in Austin, Texas for SXSW.  And while the marketing & parties were a bit out of control and cheapened the overall experience (and I definitely fell for it at first…waste of time, RSVPs!}; as expressed in this spoof: “SXSW has changed.  But that doesn’t change what I can do with my time here.  I’m going to just talk to people.”

And talk we did.

Gathering of the tribe:  vibes, listening, expressing, learning, sharing, curiosity, celebration, love, connecting {met so many DJs across the country bringing this music to their audiences – whether it was for tropical bass, and/or cumbia sounds,  happy + intense soca dancehall, chicha, tribal guarechero, disco hippy billybass {did i or did i not make that up?}, to moombahton to whateva you wanna call it…}.  It’s a gathering of all these crazy beat kids with backgrounds weaving contexts inside and out.  We ask ourselves, ‘what is this exactly?’, some even articulate (and co-opt?) it better than others…but everyone can FEEL it.

Shout out to all the new faces I met, even if we digitally interact, I got to really *feel* where this is going.  Of note:  Poirier and Boogat (and Guillaume), King Louie + Mad GodsVenus X + Crew form Ghetto Gothic, Krypto, Daniel from Majorlook Worldwide, Sonora + Peligrosa crew, Raquel, Miss Jess Jubilee, Porfirio & Marissa from BMI, Javier and Richie, Andrew & Paola from Remezcla, Shook Night, Quam, Jamal, Legit, CES, Brenmar, Sarah & Disco Tits…on and on and on…many many many many many more.  And to all the family I saw as well…reunion!

…it’s in the sharing that comes the unity.  To keep creating and thriving in art as the paradigms shift and to do so all over the world.

…in conrazón-land, this is what went down:

{{{{{{{{{{{…besides it being the same week as the SUPER MOON!}}}}}}}}

Los Rakas (in the Austin Post) rocked at:
{CNN Grill}
{Vibe House}
{Virgin Live House}
{FRANK w/ Peligrosa}
{oh…on the street, grindin’}

“Los Rakas just had a moment. Got the party crackin!” – @BosstonAustin

Los Rakas prepare for their set at The Vibe House w/ DJ Nima Fadavi.
Foto by Nina Parks {click foto for website}.

Zuzuka Poderosa {check her out in the Austin Post} rocked at:

{718 Loft}
{FRANK w/ Peligrosa}
{STYLE X fashion show}
{PRAGUE w/ Megaton Moombahton}

“Zuzuka, like a sequined firecracker, unleashed carioca bass all over our faces” – Remezcla

Zuzuka Poderosa at FRANK for Peligrosa (foto by Remezcla)


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