08/29/2010, 1:46 pm
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thanks to Randy from freshthetic for making it happen and Ernesto Yerena from hecho con ganas for the design!  inquire within if you’d like one – SUPER LIMITED EDITION.  in red, powder blue and yellow.

let’s get free! world premiere: black august
08/26/2010, 8:23 am
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tonight the ‘black august’ documentary produced by the malcom x grassroots movement {and directed by dream hampton} is screening at Lincoln Center – program starts at 6 PM.

watch the trailer here.

blitz the ambassador + m1 of dead prez will be performing.

(click on the poster to visit for more info)

Foto post: best of July
08/25/2010, 7:48 am
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Just some memorable fotos from conrazon-related music things this marathon July.

Blitz the Ambassador & the Embassy Ensemble @ OkayAfrica Launch (Celebrate Brooklyn) – July 11th, 2010

Los Rakas win LAMC’s ‘Artist Discovery’ prize after their live set @ Bowery Ballroom – July 8th, 2010

Bomba Estereo gives an interview before their set @ SOB’s – July 22, 2010

Mira como tu me tienes…Los Rakas
08/21/2010, 2:43 pm
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Besides Manu Chao, MGMT, Cypress Hill, Damian & Nas at Smokeout Fest on October 16th in San Bernadino, CA, newly added Los Rakas are set to perform as well!

Panamanian-born, Oakland-bred cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun, lit up New York City last month w/ their set at the Bowery Ballroom which blew a lot of people’s minds w/ the 6 piece B Satz Ensemble; receiving love from the NY Times to National Geographic to  Argentina’s Pagina 12.

Their special brand of sensitive love songs mixed with gritty tropical hip-hop, bouncy pop and dancehall riddims topped off with culturally relevant nod to their afro-Panamanian heritage, is fresh and needed!

“We learned a little bit about our culture in Oakland.  As far as being African, being black. In Latin America, they don’t teach us anything about African culture.  So we wanted to spread the message on as far as Afro-Latinos.  In Oakland, a lot of of people are amazed when they hear us speaking Spanish…and we’re like ‘Why are you amazed?  There’s black people everywhere’ – and so we felt like it’s a necessity for us to tell people about it and spread the word.” – Los Rakas interview w/ Raul Campos from Los Angeles’ 89.9 KCRW

Check out the guys at work in NYC during some last-minute recording before returning back to Oakland.  Shout out to Jonathan and all the good people at The Zoo Studios in the South Bronx.

And finally, their newly dropped video for Abrazame ft. Favi (Uproot Andy Hold Yuh) directed by Aris Jerome.  Bella!

Video: Devendra Banhart at Terminal 5 | ‘weird sponge unearths gold’
08/20/2010, 3:55 pm
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Just some video from last night’s Devendra Banhart show at Terminal 5.  Besides remembering all the naughty things I used to do at the old Club Exit and really not enjoying the opening act, Devendra never ceases to amaze.  I saw him last year in Santa Barbara’s SoHo: an intimate show for less than 200 people and was a bit worried at the size of Terminal 5, but the show was equally intimate-feeling {well, maybe not equally}.

Read this extensive piece by  Jam Base on Devendra for his recent release, ‘What Will Be.’  Check out this rendition of ‘Body Breaks’ from the show yesterday – I love this!

by the time I get to…Nebraska? Florida? New York?
08/17/2010, 10:24 pm
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Check out this new video produced by The Sound Strike narrating the story of what happened in Nebraska over the course of the last few weeks when a couple of musicians band together, speak out and subsequently block implementation of ridiculous town laws which encourage racial profiling. WINNN-INNNG!

Concert For Equality
from Producciones Cimarrón on Vimeo.

…on the topic, read this article called ‘Hazing Arizona‘ which really enraged me today.  So happy to have a Mother Jones in the world of crap media producing content like this; you can also find a photo essay as a supplement to the tragedy centered around the article.

In closing, leaving you with Public Enemy’s Chuck D at Summerstage this past weekend raging before going into ‘By the Time I Get to Arizona’ & ‘Fight the Power.’

something to believe in the park
08/16/2010, 12:36 pm
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(Blitz a/ P.E. and Chuck D backstage. Photo by conrazon)

(Blitz in action during his set. Photos by brooklyn vegan)

Memorable day in the park yesterday indeed, despite the rain and squeaky mics, the crowd got loud, fists raised in the air…

….transported through sound (and with the help of the Embassy Ensemble band} from Accra City, Ghana to Nigeria and back to the Bronx all in one 45 minute set (holy run on sentence!)

Personal highlights include meeting Craig G and his 15 year old Pharrell look-alike son, watching P.E. soundcheck {Flava Flav: ‘Yo, you mean you gots to tell me we only have like, 14 minutes to soundcheck, B?’}, Chuck D asking me for the internet password, our dressing room being raided by some unnamed old-school heads, Chuck D rocking ‘By the Time I Get To Arizona’ which led into ‘Fight the Power’…and oh so much more.

Peep this interview Blitz did on WFMU leading up to the show {Chuck D also called in}.