do something: The Sound Strike
07/07/2010, 8:22 pm
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Please visit: for more info on how you can get involved with one of the most important artist-led movements in a long time bringing attention to the polarizing, tragic politics of attack against human rights in Arizona: Jan Brewer & SB 1070.

Read Bob Lefsetz take on The Sound Strike:

“Ever since Natalie Maines went on record regarding George Bush, musical acts have been afraid to take a stand.  And this is funny, since the willingness to stand up for what they believed in was the key to artists’ success in the sixties, the era when music went from sideshow to main event.”

Follow on Twitter —> @TheSoundStrike

Listen to Zach de la Rocha talk about what inspired him to get involved with what started as a simple letter, into a bonified movement, led by over 200+ participating artists like: Kanye West,  Chris Rock, Pitbull, Conor Oberst and many others as it continues to gain momentum.

Zack De La Rocha for The Sound Strike from Producciones Cimarrón on Vimeo.


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