Just ring the horns | Ghana’s Black Stars + Blitz the Ambassador on FriendsWeLove.Com
06/30/2010, 2:01 pm
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NEW:  Blitz just made an amazing video for his Black Stars Anthem,  yɛ da mo ase (Thank you) || Download the track:

Peep Blitz on conrazón-favorite Friends We Love:

Blitz the Ambassador raps for his brothers on Black Stars squad w/ percussive instrument, the koshka.  The squad have reached World Cup Quarterfinals after beating the US team on Saturday, making them the only African team left in the running in South Africa.  Blitz is a HUGE soccer fan, thus these videos he made before the World Cup; he is currently celebrating these victory’s on his tour in Europe.

Blitz will celebrate the World Cup finals on US soil w/ The Roots & Talib Kweli for OkayAfrica’s World Cup Finals show @ Celebrate Brooklyn on July 11th.  He’ll also take the stage with Public Enemy on August 15th @ Central Park Summerstage.

This summer, Bobbito Garcia will be releasing a limited edition 7″ of the single ‘Remembering the Future” on his Fatbeats distributed, Alala Records.  Blitz the Ambassador’s new full-length album, ‘Native Son’ will be out this fall.

Foto Post: i love summer
06/27/2010, 7:59 pm
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*foto by Shinobi Shaw

i love summer in nyc:
bk bbqs, old friends, new friends, free shows, sandals, blades of grass between toes, rumbling trains transporting tunnels to tans, sunshine, eye contact, sweat, empire, music, music, music {!!!}

To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie –
True Poems flee.

~Emily Dickinson

On hot days like this…agua fria | mima
06/26/2010, 9:41 am
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I’ve switched coasts for the summer and enjoying every ounce of New York City, haven’t had the time to update as much.

Wanted to share this video of an amazing artist I’ve admired for about 4 years now:  Mima.  I think a peer of mine who is Puerto Rican posted a link about her, and I just delved deep to learn more about her (including, always reading her blog).

We’ve crossed paths a few times in the way of mutual friends, and I missed getting to meet her during a trip to Puerto Rico 3 years ago.  I always remember the message she left on my voice mail: what’s so striking about her (in my opinion), is the uniqueness of her voice – I might have listened to the voicemail more than once off the strength of her speaking voice, haha.  She’s also somewhat of a cult figure on the island; I’ve seen videos where every person in the crowd is singing along with her.

Anyhow, she released an album that showcases more jazzy elements of her music that I believe is over 5 years old now.  Highly recommended, but realize, the music she makes today is completely different (to an extent):  get it on iTunes.

Currently, she has been collaborating w/ fellow Puerto Rican soundmaster/DJ /producer – DJ Nature.  I know they took a crazy trip to Texas a few years ago to collaborate with some producers, and are now making crazy beautiful mashes incorporating traditional Puerto Rican & African rhythms with experimental/electronic touches – it’s hard to define in words: soulful, tribal, hard, elegant, latin, urban…  She’s also working on a collaboration/performance tour w/ Macha Colon y los Okapi (their opening performance happened last night in Puerto Rico).  Ben Bronfman (M.I.A.’s boo + suga daddy)’s Green Owl Label (home to Theophilus London + The Very Best) recently featured Mima and Nature on their blog, too.

I can’t wait to hear what comes next for Mima…but what is for sure, the world needs to hear MORE! (…and I don’t doubt they will…)

Peep this live performance  of a song fellow cosmic Caribbean sensation, artist & collaborator, Rita Indiana, wrote for Mima.  Fria Friaaaa Friaaaaaaaaa!

Seek Through Sound
06/01/2010, 8:14 am
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“I think that the common thread that connects us is that we’re all kind of seeking through sound,” Mr. Ellison said. “Seeking the perfect beat, trying to find ourselves, trying to understand God through the sound, that seeker sound. You can hear people looking for more.”

Very nice read about Flying Lotus &  the LA cosmic beat scene in NYTimes.  Dope to see them build and get their due…inspiring!   And the Airliner in Lincoln Heights  has to be one of my favorite places for a hip hop show.  Nothing like watching people perform in an actual hangar (wonder if it’s still closed).

Caption:  Literally breaking the sound barrier.  More here.