WATCH: on the humble | Blitz the Ambassador X Bobbito

This made my MONTH!

Bobbito Garcia expresses how he found out about Blitz The Ambassador.  It was really “on the humble” and just pure love.   Look out for the ‘Remembering the Future’ limited edition 7″ out on Bob’s Alala Records (distributed by Fatbeats) this summer.

WATCH THIS: Remembering the Future on 7″ VIA Bobbito Garcia’s Alala Records from MVMT on Vimeo.


not lost in translation | thom yorke digs anita tijoux
05/24/2010, 2:57 pm
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…I’ve been having fun all day imagining Thom Yorke of Radiohead deciphering Anita Tijoux‘s “1977” – superb.  Thom made the song #1 on his “office chart,” stating “when you’re not in the office_ you’re in the park…”

El cuerpo es bateria
y la cabeza guitarra
La orquesta narronato
nada quebrada para la mirada

tijouxCaption:  Anita in NYC last month for a WNYC performance.

…speaking of Thom Yorke.  Anita would sound so fresh over some Flying Lotus orbital-jazz madness like he did for Jose James.  Don’t you think?

For your enjoyment…”Creep” w/ lyrics translated into spanish…y que?

video post: bomba estéreo in buenos aires
05/22/2010, 4:17 pm
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A review of the show, in Spanish.  Elegancia tropical.

everyone is different
05/21/2010, 12:16 am
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…and video is king.  After picking up the LA Weekly’s PEOPLE 2010 issue, I randomly came across Alexi Wasser’s profile:  modern day comedienne/sex columnist/provoker (who also happened to grace the cover).  This chic is SO FEARLESS.

Read her about me:
“ultimately, all i really want is to be liked. there, i said it.”

I’m addicted to  Entertainment for 2010 and beyond…I can’t wait to see people from all backgrounds and situations, colors, experiences, worlds (that is. if they have a fast enough computer to upload images)…voyeurism at it’s finest (for better or worse, human beings are curious).

Video is so powerful, because you have to talk to the camera, you know, have something to say and if you have a certain indescribable creativity, fearlessness and gall (she certainly does), you build people around you who believe in it too.   I love that Alexi even provokes her readers to participate; cuz she’s just one crazy chic trying to learn her way through it too.   It’s reciprocal.

…and this sort of model allows EVERYONE to express if they want to (because not everyone wants to share on this level).   Her camera is always with her,  scoping out the next dude (which by the way, ladies[!]. wouldn’t you have loved to anonymously ask some of the men you’ve dated those questions before you decided to let em’ in?  Can I get an AMEN!)

Alexi is just one filter.   And what I like is that she’s honest.  Right or wrong (judgments aside).  It’s not the extreme lie or exploited reality like in television and the movies.  Filters.

…this is a crazy thought, but wouldn’t it be nuts if there were commissioned ‘love soldiers’ that went around the world investigating real open love.   That would be WAY more interesting/productive for society than Perez Hilton – RIGHT?

Por ejemplo:
Make it Mondays

Identity Check
Don’t Be So Gross
Alone at a Party

I love you!

wisdom tree – photo entry
05/18/2010, 3:19 pm
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Earlier this month I ventured into the Redwood forests of Northern California (my first time!)…with some magical + positive people.

On our way up, we stopped by a winery in Napa that was built into a cave.   Then we got to know the lovely town of Arcada (where I fell in love with this bead shop, Heart Bead) + Eureka.   We headed east to the town of Willow Creek (aka home of the Big Foot Museum).  Many roads, twists and turns later…I perched hours a top the wisdom tree (pictured below).

Humboldt’s such an interesting place…what’s going to happen to the region with the impending legalization measure coming up this fall?  Could Humboldt become the new Napa…destination!

“Interestingly, one of the proposed responses to this potential new reality is to turn the area into a playground for pot tourists, an idea that seems to borrow heavily from the model used by Napa Valley and California wine country.”post about the subject.

Pero a todo el mundo yo le voy ha enseñar | Los Rakas in XLR8R
05/17/2010, 2:15 pm
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Paz to Shawn @ XLR8R for this free download (also Mad Decent + Dutty Artz):

Once Gyptian‘s “Hold Yuh” became the biggest crossover dancehall tune of 2010, it was only a matter of time before people started flipping the track and throwing new vocals over the song’s distinctive piano riff. The folks at Dutty Artz first tipped us to “Abrazame,” the Los Rakas versionen español. That was all well and good, but than Brooklyn beatmaker Uproot Andy sent us his remix of “Abrazame,” which punches up the beat, nicely layers in some additional synths and percussion, and basically seizes a spot in the “Summer Jams 2010” playlist. If this lovelorn tune isn’t on blast at your local Latin dance party, find yourself a new spot, because the DJs are seriously slipping.

Read this piece from NPR about the ‘Hold Yuh’ riddim if you’re unfamiliar.
Read more about Los Rakas in this in-depth piece in the East Bay Express.

*Photo credit: Amanda Lopez

I can make your face rock: ‘The Memorials’
05/09/2010, 4:05 am
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Saw this band last night.  The Mars Volta’s ex drummer and drum prodigy in his own right, Thomas Pridgen, linked with his friends from the Bay Area to form THE MEMORIALS.   Assaulted by sound last night, their music was hyper-syncopated, soulful and just rocked out every single face at the sold-out Blakes on Telegraph in Berkeley.  By the way…IT WAS THEIR FIRST SHOW.

pPhoto by Farida

Don’ say I didn’t warn you. Their next gig?  The AfroPunk Fest in NYC on June 26th.  Album out in the summer it looks like. ROCK!