Sunday Spin: Calle 13
04/11/2010, 3:45 pm
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So much has been written about this band.  To me, they are the future; perfect mix of humor, musical chops, hip-hop cred + politics.   I get mixed feelings when I see them twitter back and forth with Diplo – but I hope they can achieve M.I.A. blow-up status.  I don’t doubt they will…

Read this article from last week in the NYTimes which goes into more detail about their past education and present influences.  The article also discusses their performance in Cuba last month in front of tens of thousands – this is a foto from the event (from the AP):

With all the Erykah Badu twitterati buzz + groupthink talk, I think Rene hits it on the head:

“If you are writing and really being honest with what you feel, you’re going to be writing about everything you live with, about the society that surrounds you, and not leaving things out because they might bring you problems,” René Pérez, the band’s lyricist and lead rapper, said in Spanish this month over lunch at a seaside restaurant here.

So my Sunday Spin is my favorite Calle 13 track, “Atrevete te te”


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This year will set things up for 2011…. I’m starting to see some lights through the tunnel.

Comment by Richard Caraballo

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