The Global Community + Haiti
01/25/2010, 1:24 am
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Thought I’d share this essay from Immortal Technique (from Davey D‘s website), on Haiti’s history and present day context.  It synthesizes the history and offers some interesting analysis – really worth the full read.  What a line:

“The mythology of racial superiority began to take the shape of an ancient death mask from classical antiquity.”

Case #19098 of why we must be above black vs. brown hate:
“They (the French) created virtual new age “foederati” for their designs by ripping a subsection out of the very people they sought to subjugate. In return for cooperation, the French promised the desperate “Mulattos” more rights and more privileges in what they painted as a new Saint Domingue.”

I shouldn’t take quotes out of context for that might misrepresent.  Read the whole thing. But first, a meditation on non-violent vs. violent resistance:

“As a matter of fact, if Ghandi’s tactics had been used in the American Revolution, wouldn’t he have been lying in a ditch in Virginia some 234 years ago? Without the purchased attention of a global media outlet is shaming the world even possible? And even if we managed to procure one, how could a profit margin be replaced by a soul, when that’s the one thing that a multi-national news corporation will never have?…

…I believe a balance is always necessary, and that might never makes right. It just makes right now.

Then, peep this these 360 degree views of Port-Au-Prince.  Voyeuristic madness.


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