Change Laws, Not Lightbulbs
01/29/2010, 3:05 pm
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Al Gore on Bill Gates’ comments regarding ‘innovation over insulation’.

Pandora, I see you.


don’t be afraid of the lizard, just shut her up
01/28/2010, 5:14 pm
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Seth Godin, I love you.

Blitz the Ambassador ‘Remembering The Future’ + West Coast Dates!
01/25/2010, 2:29 pm
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This is the future.  Transplanted from Accra City to Brooklyn at the age of 12, Blitz the Ambassador makes a particular brand of hip-hop, recorded and performed with a live band, and influenced by the High Life sounds he grew up around in Ghana.

From Okayplayer.

Here’s a video of Blitz The Ambassador performing his song “Remembering The Future,” off of his critically acclaimed ’09 album, Stereotype. The clip was filmed for MTVU with a 12-piece band in a studio in Brooklyn, NY and will air in February in full.

2/10 Berkeley, CA @ La Peña Cultural Center
2/11 Chico, CA @ CSU Chico
2/13 Sacramento, CA @ Sol Collective
2/15 San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room w/ Martin Luther
2/17 Los Angeles, CA @ UCLA Bruin Plaza (Noon)
2/18 Santa Monica, CA @ Zanzibar for Afrofunke

The singer in the beginning is ‘Balla Tounkara’ and he’s playing the kora, in case you were wondering like I was.

Transplanted from Accra City to Brooklyn at the age of 12, Blitz makes a particular brand of hip-hop, recorded and performed with
a live band, and influenced by the High Life sounds he grew up around in Ghana.

…That’s All Folks. Nothing to See Here.
01/25/2010, 1:33 am
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The aeropostle, the bling, the little girls w/ their bellys (blasphemous).  Call me no-sense-of-humor, but this is NOT funny or cute.  Who are these kids’ parents? Puerto Rico…WHERE YOU AT!?

(thx, Ant Vala)

The Global Community + Haiti
01/25/2010, 1:24 am
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Thought I’d share this essay from Immortal Technique (from Davey D‘s website), on Haiti’s history and present day context.  It synthesizes the history and offers some interesting analysis – really worth the full read.  What a line:

“The mythology of racial superiority began to take the shape of an ancient death mask from classical antiquity.”

Case #19098 of why we must be above black vs. brown hate:
“They (the French) created virtual new age “foederati” for their designs by ripping a subsection out of the very people they sought to subjugate. In return for cooperation, the French promised the desperate “Mulattos” more rights and more privileges in what they painted as a new Saint Domingue.”

I shouldn’t take quotes out of context for that might misrepresent.  Read the whole thing. But first, a meditation on non-violent vs. violent resistance:

“As a matter of fact, if Ghandi’s tactics had been used in the American Revolution, wouldn’t he have been lying in a ditch in Virginia some 234 years ago? Without the purchased attention of a global media outlet is shaming the world even possible? And even if we managed to procure one, how could a profit margin be replaced by a soul, when that’s the one thing that a multi-national news corporation will never have?…

…I believe a balance is always necessary, and that might never makes right. It just makes right now.

Then, peep this these 360 degree views of Port-Au-Prince.  Voyeuristic madness.

“thanks to MTV, no one believes me when I tell them I’m from SI, NY”
01/22/2010, 4:25 am
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Boy, did this piece in Slate Magazine strike a cord.  For all you ‘Jersey Shore’ devotees – it’s not a joke – this is a lifestyle.  I wouldn’t say it’s EVERYWHERE on the island – but definitely a certain part of the island.

No wonder I used to sneak off to Manhattan in High School.  Though, can’t front, all the girls were jealous about my tan + I may or may not have dated a ‘guido’ (def did not fist pump) – haha.

In all seriousness – this is NOT SI’s main cultural export, maybe the most exploitable for entertainment based on ignorance.  Staten Island is NYC’s greenest boro, with parks, museums, a chinese scholar garden (only one on the east coast), a ZOO, beaches (water safety? questionable), WU-TANG, really good pizza and home to people with strong senses of family.  Sure, it’s infected with stripmalls and tanning salons the more South you go…but when my parents could afford to live on SI, they jetted from the concrete (and risky) jungle of Queens for their version of something better for us.  SI has it’s fair share of NYC grit too.

So, thanks folks.  I don’t hate where I’m from.  I feel blessed.  Now on to some other shitty youth culture, MTV.  Not that you have the same influence you once did…but that’s a whole ‘nother subject.

01/20/2010, 8:13 pm
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Looking forward to this book from Isobel Coleman (Read her recent essay, ‘The Better Half’) – Paradise Beneath Her Feet: How Women are Transforming the Middle East.  Comes out in April, 2010.

“Dr. Coleman is currently working on her latest book, which examines the role of women in bringing reform to the Muslim world. Paradise Beneath Her Feet: Women and Reform in the Middle East (Random House) looks at women across five countries — Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This strategic crescent contains more than 300 million people, nearly fifty percent of the world’s known oil reserves, two active wars, an unstable nuclear power and an aspiring one, and the heart of both Sunni and Shia Islam. It is in this volatile corner of the globe that the world’s future stability is likely to rest. The role of women is central to determining whether these deeply religious, conservative societies can make the transition to functioning democracies with modern economies, or whether they will remain in the grip of religious extremists. Dr. Coleman focuses on those men and women working within an Islamic framework to promote social change.”